Arizona Lawmaker Calls Out Perry High School Principal over MAGA Incident

Arizona Lawmaker Calls Out Perry High School Principal over MAGA Incident

Alana Mastrangelo 10 Mar 2109 Brietbart News

Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, has reportedly reinstated a student who was serving a suspension over an incident involving the display of a “MAGA” flag; however, an Arizona state legislator is now calling on the school to remove the suspension from the student’s record, and asking the Attorney General to look into possible criminal behavior by school officials.

A student at Perry High School was suspended after Principal Dan Serrano became frustrated with the student’s mother over an incident that stemmed from a MAGA flag, according to local community members and State Rep. Kelly Townsend.

The incident first unfolded after several students said they had been reprimanded and/or punished after bringing a MAGA flag to school and wearing MAGA attire last week for “Spirit Week.”

The principal says the students were not disciplined due to their political views, but rather, the school had taken issue with their refusal to provide identification to staff after unveiling “political signage” that the principal says caused “concern for student safety.”

State Rep. Townsend told Breitbart News that the student did not provide her ID because her mother had told her not to talk to anybody until she arrived at the school to figure out what had happened. . . .

Student safety concerns? Come on, ain’t nobody buying that…


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