Arizona lawmakers aim to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, abortion providers


For anyone who’s curious, ten states have already defunded and states such as Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, and now Arizona are trying to pass bills.


I’m under the impression that this is a yearly task at least in some cases.

Some of these states I assume did it in the past as well.


I am glad that they are aiming to do this. Hopefully they will be successful in doing so.


Good for them. Kasich signed a bill to defund it in Ohio as well.




May the Lord go with them in their righteous efforts to preserve life.


Why do people give Trump a hard time when he says he will defund PP at the Fed level, if they don’t stop doing abortions?


Every time Election time comes around we are told repeatedly the Republicans never do anything about abortion . So my question is how many Democrat legislatures have defunded Planned Parenthood ?


Well I’ll tell you this much. Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, and Arizona are all Republican majority in both chambers. And let’s not forget Matt Bevin, Kentucky’s new Governor, who is doing his utmost to frustrate the culture of death in his state. May God bless him and all those who value life!


Umm…that would probably be zero. And yet there are Catholics posting on here that are still convinced that voting for Dems is no big deal. But I digress.

Peace, Mark


Do think Trump really believes PP would ever agree to stop killing babies?
Could he be that mis-informed about PP?


PP has used the other services as their armor against conservative attacks, it’s how they’ve manufactured the ‘War On Women’. I think Trump has a sound strategy, by separating all the other “good” services from abortion, it shifts the discussion.

Yes, PP will decide abortion is the most important service they offer and the money will go to other GQHC providers. But because they were given the choice, it really changes the narrative.

For the “good” services, PP can’t compete with GQHC providers who don’t lavish millions on their executives.


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