Arizona mayor rejects invitation written in ‘Spanish/Mexican’: ‘One nation means one language’


Washington Times:

Arizona mayor rejects invitation written in ‘Spanish/Mexican’: ‘One nation means one language’

The mayor of Huachuca City, Arizona, angrily rejected an invitation to an upcoming meeting of U.S. and Mexican border city mayors because it was written in both English and Spanish.The U.S.-MexicoBorder Mayors Association’s formal “save the date” invitation to the Aug. 24 meeting in Laredo, Texas, was written first in English, then in Spanish, the El Paso Times reported.
“I will NOT attend a function that is sent to me in Spanish/Mexican. One nation means one language and I am insulted by the division caused by language,” Mayor Ken Taylor said in an email Wednesday to former El Paso Mayor John Cook, who is executive director of the association.
Mr. Cook told the Times he was “offended” by Mr. Taylor’s reaction.
“The purpose of the Border Mayors Association is to speak with one voice in Washington, D.C., and Mexico City about issues that impact our communities, not to speak in one language. My humble apologies if I ruffled your feathers,” he wrote Mr. Taylor in an emailed response.

But the conversation didn’t end there.
“America is going ‘Down Hill’ fast because we spend more time catering to others that are concerned with their own self interests,” Mr. Taylor retorted. “It is far past time to remember that we should be ‘America First’ … there is NOTHING wrong with that. My feathers are ruffled anytime I see anything American putting other countries First. If I was receiving correspondence from Mexican interests, I would expect to see them listed First. Likewise, when I see things produced from America, I EXPECT to see America First.”

He added, “I am a Veteran who served in other Countries FOR America. I served to help protect this great nation from those who would tear us down. It has been said that ‘If America Fails, it will be of our own hand from within’. Anytime we cater to other countries by putting THEM first, we cause our own disgrace.”
Mr. Cook responded, “I am sorry that you don’t understand the importance of a bi-national association that addresses the opportunities and challenges facing both the US and Mexico in a global economy.”

He said the association honored Mr. Taylor’s request to be removed from their list of member cities, but that still didn’t placate the Arizona mayor.
“Giving away our sovereignty to benefit others is NOT a way to strengthen our Nation and OUR homes, it is an idea that is provably doomed to failure for the common man,” Mr. Taylor replied. “If Mexico is NOT stopping drugs, crime, and terrorists from coming INTO our country from Mexico, then Mexico is not a friend and I don’t care to help. I have better things to do in fighting the problems they export to us.”
He continued, “The only thing I care to get from Mexico is an apology to our Nation in English and actual action that stops the carnage spilling over the border into our homes.”

So if he were mayor of Bangor Maine and got an invite from the US-CAN Mayor’s Association would he be equally upset that it was in English and French?


Well, it is his choice to accept or reject an invitation for whatever reason he’d like. :cool:


Seems like it was the common courtesy to issue the invitation in both Spanish and English


Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA and Spanish is an official language.


Maybe they need to start addressing this guy as ‘soon to be former’ mayor…I would think bilingual and border town go together without further discussion!


What an unpleasant individual. If he hates the people on the other side of the fence so much, why doesn’t he move further away from the fence?


Maybe they need to start addressing this guy as ‘soon to be former’ mayor…I would thing bilingual and border town go together without further discussion!


‘soon to be former’ mayor is spot on.


Exactly. He should be happy it wasn’t in Spanish only.


odd duck.


Huachuca City is not a border town. Palominas, Douglas, Nogales, and Naco are border towns, to name a few.


Is he ‘rejecting’ the name of his city because it’s not English


I lived in Huachuca for a short time. Well technically, on Fort Huachuca. I remember the town as being very, very small. It is not near the border. I am surprised that such a small non-border town would be involved in this initiative at all.


I stand corrected…


It defies belief really doesn’t it


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