Arizona prosecutor is GOP choice to question Kavanaugh and Ford


Mitchell, the sex crimes bureau chief for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix, will query the two at Thursday’s highly anticipated Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. A registered Republican, Mitchell has worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for 26 years.


Just for reference:

He served as the 36th Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years, from 1993 to 2017


Why are we referencing Joe Arpaio in
relation to this choice?


I saw a short newsclip this morning about
her. She seems like a good choice.


Amusing to hire out for this questioning.


I think depoliticizing this to whatever extent the judiciary committee can is a darned smart idea.


I like the idea of depoliticizing this is a great idea. But the way to do this is not a quick vote after the theater of limited testimony with connived good optics in an intrinsic she-said.he-said forum, but an independent investigation - including the allegtions of Ramierez.

Yale Law classmates Kent Sinclair, Douglas Rutzen who had earlier signed on to a letter supporting Kavanaugh, are now calling for an investigation.

The confirmation process should be conducted in a way that fosters trust in the process and the Supreme Court, and that seriously considers allegations of sexual violence,”
And another, Mark Osler, “The focus can’t just be on the accusers and trying to bring their veracity into question. The circumstances need to be probed.”


Gee, I wonder if the Republican senators on the committee are going to be hiding under their chairs during the proceeding?


I really don’t see the purpose in it other than to create a “sort of” prosecutorial theater. This isn’t going to somehow resolve the allegations or denials. Might “channel” the testimony a bit to prevent it being endless speeches on the part of Kavanaugh or Ford…


Arpaio has nothing to do with a female prosecutor specializing in sex crimes.


The county sheriff never works with the county prosecutor? Who collects evidence? Who bring cases to be prosecuted?


Both Republicans Murkowski and Kennedy said the FBI might be helpful in getting things sorted out, but Grassely and McConnell and Trump have no interest whatsoever but to ramrod this through come hell or high water. They could delay Garland’s nomination for 300 days but won’t wait for probably significantly less than 300 hours so the FBI can try and sort this out.

Ya just gotta think they’re really worried that something may well show up that really damages Kavanaugh, and he didn’t help himself when he lied about drinking legally in high school because then the legal age was 21 according to the news on this last night. His roommate as a freshman says that Kavanaugh bragged about having sex, thus not a virgin, and that he was what we call a “mean drunk”.

And the fact that Kavanaugh doesn’t want the FBI to investigate is quite telling as well as the fact that both accusers do want the FBI o investigate. If I’m innocent, I want such an investigation to hopefully prove once and for all that I’m innocent.

BTW, just to be clear, I was pro-Kavanaugh after the announcement, but his behavior and words now have me leaning against confirmation until a FBI investigation can be conducted, which should only take about 2-3 days or so.


Perhaps. We can easily surmise the reason…the Democrats would love to use footage of proceeds where “old white men are scaring and traumatizing Ms Ford with their sexist, hurtful questions” as fodder for their campaign ads. Its all politics. This is just the Republicans playing politics back and avoiding the trap.


She was tasked with correcting a backlog of sex crime cases in Arpaio 's unit:

As the head of the sex crimes unit, Mitchell was one of the prosecutors tasked with finding out why hundreds of sex crimes were unresolved or not adequately investigated by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, said Cindi Nannetti, former county prosecutor and Mitchell’s predecessor at the unit. The controversy had roiled the sheriff’s office for years and were unearthed after reports by victims and the media, and an internal audit.

It’s in the article from the original post.


Be glad you currently live in a country where the onus is on the accuser and a prosecutor to prove you are guilty.

Tell me, for example, how would you prove that you didn’t molest children twenty years ago?


See posts 11 and 14.


Joe Biden feels differently.


Prosecutor runs the show and will tell the sheriff off if necessary.
Doesn’t usually work the other way


Other way???

Not sure what you mean here.

Sheriff’s make arrests, collect evidence, maintain custody of a suspect during prosecution correct?

So it would be incorrect to say Arpaio’s unit had nothing to do with Mitchell’s unit wouldn’t it?


Please cite a source for this.

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