Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward suggests John McCain statement on ending treatment timed to hurt her campaign



“It’s wildly inappropriate,” said Borders, who is supporting Ward’s rival, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, in the GOP race. “It’s classless. It’s not decent … it’s very narcissistic. It’s a narcissist comment to sit there and think that the McCain family made this decision to interfere with your bus tour.”

This ^ is what I was thinking.

A narcissist running for office…what a surprise.

Thank God for Twitter and Facebook. They are certainly proof of God’s existence, only He could turn something so crass as Twitter and Facebook into a tool where self absorbed politicians reveal their true identity. What a great way for us to really get to know our candidates for public office.


I think this is ridiculous! What would the narrative be? It is obvious the family knew his battle with this cancer was at the end and that is why they released the statement. They did the same for Barbara Bush.
For Kelli Ward to make this about her and her campaign is very selfish.


It would be one heck of a trick for McCain to time his demise to screw with someone’s campaign.


I think it was aimed at his family, not him personally.

Nope, it doesn’t excuse the comment in the slightest.

Somehow Trump makes it work but all other politicians who don’t have that weird teflon coating should really stay off Twitter. Actually most adults are better off not posting.


I’ve seen some self centered people, but, this may take the cake.

Yes, dear, Senator’s suffering and death is all about you.


so he deliberately timed his death to hurt her campaign.



This has got to be the most ridiculous comment I have heard during this campaign season.


I have a friend whose father died one week and her mother-in-law died the next week. She ended up taking bereavement time off from work for both events. Her manager at work made the accusation that there was some intent behind the timing of the deaths so that she could take back-to-back time off.


How awful! How could anyone dare to think something like that?!


It’s hardly uncommon for people to use ‘death in the family’ as a time off excuse.
But, I agree such comments are unacceptable to the grieving person. In such cases, a manager should just ask for evidence, or it should be HR policy.


This sort of thing actually happened to me.

When my first daughter was born, nearly five years ago, I took paternity leave. I took three months, as is my right under the FMLA. Towards the end of my leave my stepmother died. And lest someone (like the HR people at my company) say “stepmother” is not a close relationship, the facts are that my mother died very young. Some years later, my father remarried. So said stepmother was part of my life and his longer than my actual mother.

My father, elderly and in poor health, was devastated. He has difficulty caring for himself. My stepmother handled his care. So when she died, I requested bereavement leave.

The HR department at my firm tried to refuse my request.

Fortunately, the heads of my department, who have known me for years, went to bat for me and the problem was resolved, and I was able to extend my leave for a few weeks to arrange my stepmother’s funeral (my father couldn’t manage it) and arrange for his care, etc.

That said, Ms. Ward’s comments are ridiculous.

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