Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Charged With Criminal Contempt in Racial Profiling Case

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s order comes after U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office to file the criminal contempt charges against Arpaio.

Snow in May found Arpaio and three members of his office to be in civil contempt because they allegedly violated court orders intended to keep the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office from racially profiling Latinos. Snow wrote in August that continued failure to follow the court’s directions, along with false statements and attempts to obstruct further inquiry, now justified filing criminal contempt charges.

Arpaio faces 6 months in jail. But his trial will not begin until after his re-election bid.

It took 8 years, but Obama’s DOJ finally got to charge Sheriff Arpaio with something. :mad:

Yes, Obama had been after him for a long time. Obama had a couple of grudges against Arpaio - maybe more. You can’t cross Obama and his administration without
being punished in some way.

She, the judge, is opposed to following the law because it might be too expensive.

As an Arizonian who is not a sheriff Joe Fan
He lost me when he made a night raid on Phoenix City Hall with deputies in full swat gear scaring the heck out of the cleaning crews because a couple were illegals. A political stunt
But the OBama justice department is guilty of the same crime they accuse him of.
The use of law enforcement for political reasons is the sure signs of s democracy in ruins,

Funny how some Catholics rationalized their Christianity.

Do you believe Sheriff Joe is not guilty of the charges against him?

Or is it that you think both sides (Obama and Arpaio) might be guilty of illegal tactics?

:shrug: It won’t affect the election I don’t think.

Not unless Sheriff Joe texted Anthony Weiner.

You totally lost me here. Is this some general remark against Catholics? What are you referring to?

And everybody knows it, which is why no one really cares about this.

No it’s not against Catholics, it’s against the anti Christian actions this man takes by racial profiling Latinos. I just can’t reconcile how SOME Catholics can defend his racial profiling and call themselves Christians.

It’s not racial profiling.

Maybe it’s linguistic profiling.

I see. I can answer that question. Racism is condemned by the Catholic Church. Racial profiling would likewise be condemned to the extent that it engages racism. Whether this is absolutely a fact, or may not be, would be a matter that all may not agree on. We know that viewing race can be acceptable in some situation, like for police to consider when it is part of the description of a known suspect, or colleges to consider when they use quotas to diversify. Sure, the idea of stopping black people because you believe more of them use drugs is racism. However, is it racial profiling for the border patrol to stop groups of Hispanics that appear to have recently crossed? At what point geographically is it not profiling? See, these are opinions where disagreement is not in contradiction to Christianity. In fact, it is Christian to give others the benefit of the doubt on areas where divergent opinion is allowed.

If you’re looking for illegals in Arizona, who are you going to want to check? A redhead with a southern mountain accent wearing a “College of the Ozarks” sweatshirt?

I guess you might waste your time doing that if you’re trying to prove you don’t “discriminate” and want to keep your non-Hispanic stops equal to or greater than your Hispanic stops.

That’s how we ended up searching elderly ladies and little girls at airports.

Now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the one targeted in a criminal case. The 84-year-old lawman, who became a national figure by forcing inmates in his jails to wear pink underwear and live in tents in the desert heat, was charged two weeks before Election Day with contempt of court for defying a judge’s order in a racial profiling case.

Are you willing to pay for air-conditioned jails?

So what?

When I was a kid, everybody lived in the summer heat. Where I live, some of the local counties give the prisoners “beagle boy” striped outfits to wear instead of the usual orange.

Arpaio is charged with contempt for stopping people who met the profile for illegal immigrants. Part of that was, of course, being Hispanic. (Who else in Arizona? Swedes?). But not all of it was.

You’ll have to show us where the church declares racial profiling a sin. Let’s say a person owns a store in a mall or strip mall. Business is usually good, but every so often, someone shop lifts from his store. Over time, through checking video footage and witness statements, he learns that 85% of the shop lifters are Latino. Once this realization is made, the store owner pays more attention to Latino customers in the store and is more aware of what they are doing. Is this person committing a sin?

My wife is of Spanish descent and was born and raised in New York City. She is every bit as American as us. Why should she have to show her id to prove she’s an American when white people don’t have to? There is no skin color requirement for residence or citizenship.

I think people forgot about the whole free country thing. When I was in Moscow I was able to truly appreciate what we have here in the U.S. when I almost went to jail because of a misplaced train ticket (we had to prove we were in Moscow for less than 3 days). We did find the ticket thankfully, the cop that stopped us randomly reeked of vodka and it probably would not have ended well.

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