Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Charged With Criminal Contempt in Racial Profiling Case


LOL all the hot air Deputy Joe Blows the whole state needs added air conditioning !


Happily. We’re called to treat all people humanely.


I’m mostly Irish, but because one of my Grandfathers was Italian, I look very Italian. If I was in NYC in one of those Italian neighborhoods, and if there were lots of illegal Italians there, and if I was asked for my ID by a policeman because of my appearance, I would not be in the least offended. I would figure he was doing his job…and it is his job, or should be.

And it isn’t a matter of skin color exclusively. In Chicago there are enormous numbers of illegal Poles and other Eastern Europeans. And not too many years ago I was informed by the Chicago Archdiocesan office that ICE did, indeed, check people with heavy Polish accents or who couldn’t speak English at all. And nobody is “whiter” than a Pole.

It’s not a matter of skin color, it’s the combination of factors, which can include appearance. But, of course, some Mexicans are “whiter” and far more “Irish” in appearance than I am, and I’m sure some of them get stopped because of a number of indicia. I remember well, some time ago, being taken for Hispanic in San Antonio by Hispanics who, I guess, couldn’t tell the difference between an Italian and a Mexican just based on appearance. And in truth, oftentimes one can’t.

But I’ll add this. Around here, the illegals are almost all Mexicans. And for the most part you can tell who they are by appearance and the way they act, even among other Mexicans. If you get to know very many of them as well as legals, you can usually tell.
So, for the most part, can the cops, especially the Hispanic cops who, I believe, can pick one illegal out of a group of other Mexicans. I have seen it happen.

26% of Arpaio’s deputies, and all of his chief deputies are Hispanic. About 30% of the county’s population is Hispanic.


Arpaio is a self-aggrandizing, ignorant sociopath with absolutely no regard for the law.

He has cost his county tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of dollars in settlements of lawsuits brought against him.

His treatment of pre-trial detainees (people who have not been convicted of any crime, or sentenced to any punishment) is barbaric.

Even a cursory look at his record will tell anyone with a conscience that not only should he never be allowed to carry a badge and gun, he should be locked up himself. With any luck, he will be.

He is a disgrace to his county, his state, his country and his badge, and an embarrassment to law enforcement officers everywhere.

Just my opinion, of course.


how does someone who lives in New York City knows what happens in Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa County is 3 hours from the Mexican border. how far is New York City from the border of Mexico?


I do find it ironic that no one cares about this one and in this case we know there is actually a trial coming.


it is a political witch hunt.


Thus to all carpetbaggers!

Seriously, there is a lesson from Pope Benedict that was missed in a lot conservatives in his last encyclical. People further away from a situation cannot make as good of a decision as those close to it. I would not begin to have an opinion how NYC should deal with gang violence, for example. Initially, our founders understood this and balanced federal rights with state’s rights. Unfortunately, Marbury v. Madison “broke” the Constitution in a way that lead to one civil war and not has almost lead us to another. If the federal government has zero checks from the bottom, then you get the carpetbagging effect, and garbage like this.

Just to clarify though, I can’t stand Joe A. either, or his policies. However it is the people of Maricopa County he serves and they are the ones that chose such a one to represent them.


Please. Because I live in New York, I can’t have an opinion on anything that happens in any of the other 49 states? That’s nonsense.

Same to you, pnewton. I’m a “carpetbagger?” That’s just silly. It sounds like you know I’m right, but are clutching at straws to dismiss what I said.

I bet if I search through the forums, I’d find both of you expressing opinions on events outside of your home states. I’d bet a lot.

I know what’s going on with Arpaio because I’m a literate, reasonably well-informed person. Good enough for you?


An Irish-Italian ***that ***explains a lot. :wink:

Nothing against either I just figured out where you got your feistiness from. :smiley:


Sorry about that. Too subtle I guess. The point is there is an irrational overreaction (note I admit it being irrational) to people from the North, or worse, New York, interfering with Southern politics. It is hypocritical though I strive not to be too prejudice.

However, my point on subsidiarity remains, north, south, east or west. Border states have issues states thousands of miles away do not understand. Interestingly enough, the level of tolerance is great here, compared to elsewhere. It is not coincidence that it was a Texas president that tried to reform immigration and a New Yorker that wants a wall built, just like the highest rate of school segregation remains in New York.


good points!


Looks like George Soros has “invested” $2million to “get” Arpaio:


I believe it’s pretty clear that Democrats are not above using the criminal justice system against their political opponents. The reason we have Obamacare is because of malicious prosecution of former Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens which threw the election to his Democrat opponent. The prosecutors misconduct was so bad that the Judge in the case appointed an independent counsel to consider whether the prosecutors conduct amounted to criminal contempt of court.


can you imagine throwing your money around like that!


Soros is a monster, he hates Catholicism, white people and The West.


yes. he wants to use his money to change our way of life!


Has it occurred to you that your opinion might be based on the propaganda paid for by George Soros?

If this election season has taught us anything, it’s that the elite are playing hardball thru the media and lulling the American sheep to sleep. (and before you get upset, I’ve been tricked into being a sheep many times too.)


I don’t think anyone is clutching their chest in surprise that Soros name appears in something like this. It all adds up. Thanks for posting this information.


Yeah, Soros tends to contribute to the campaigns of decent people. It makes sense that he would oppose a guy who has been dehumanizing people under his control for decades now.

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