Arizona woman who spent 22 years on death row has murder charge dismissed


A three-judge panel of the appeals court has dismissed murder charges against Debra Milke, who was on death row for killing her four-year-old son in 1989.

The Arizona court of appeals on Thursday levelled harsh criticism against prosecutors over their failure to turn over evidence during Debra Jean Milke’s trial about a detective with a long history of misconduct and lying. The court called prosecutors’ actions “a severe stain on the Arizona justice system”.


Good riddance. What a scumbag of a detective, what a self serving criminal…

This woman was convicted based on the word of a corrupt, lying person. She ought to press for damages.


WOW! Dear God! Horrendous!

:frowning: :bighanky:


I remember this case well. I was living in the valley when it happened.
It seemed she was guilty at the time. I thought her boyfriend had taken the boy to the desert. I don’t remember 2 men. It was a long time ago.
Such a sad story with the young boy.
I had not heard anything about this detective before.
So I don’t know if she is innocent or guilty.
She has served 22 years. Some have served less for murder.


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