Ark of the Covenant Shaped Tabernacle


I thought y’all would enjoy this…

This is the tabernacle at St. Michael the Archangel parish, Woodstock, Georgia. Images of the Old Testament prophets are embossed on the inside and it is even more beautiful when opened.

Does anyone know what the Hebrew letters are and what they represent?



Alef is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is depicted on the right hand door.
Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is depicted on the left hand door.

Hebrew is written from right to left.

This is analogous to the Greek letters Alpha and Omega which are the first and last in that language.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” - Revelation 22:13


Thanks for posting. That is beautiful!


beautiful tabernacle. I also looked up the Hebrew symbols/letters and thought they represent the first and the last, aleph and tav. thanks for sharing this.


Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the post.


That is beautiful. What a joy it would be to attend Mass there and see it in person.


Rec’d this answer from my priest friend who is a Hebrew scholar…said the same as everyone else:
From what I could make out; true, there are two Hebrew letters: an Aleph and a Tau. I could not make out a middle letter; the letters are also a type of numbering - so is akin to the saying, “[Iam] the Alpha and the Omega” - the beginning and the end.

Inside the Arc of the Covenant were placed originally the two tables of the Commandments; in Later Judaism, it came to symbolize the presence of God - of who all times belong to him.

Be blessed, Fr. Tim*


Thanks for posting!

I searched for more information and found a page on the parish website about this tabernacle. It was “donated by a parish family.”


That example in GA is not the only ark shaped tabernacle to exist by far. As a Franciscan brother we would go to the private chapel nearby of a Franciscan Sister’s community for special occasions like the Transitus. They had an ark shaped tabernacle there and it was breathtakingly beautiful.


FIve stars, Tim.


Our family was driving through Kansas City, KS and stayed overnight at a hotel there. The parish that we went to Mass on the following day had a similar tabernacle. Very striking

I wish I could remember the suburb and parish, but I can’t


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