Ark of the Covenant to revealed on Friday!

Pretty amazing. :eek:

Those Ethopians look like they are going to allow the Ark Of the Covenant to come into view on Friday!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I haven’t followed this story, I heard about it a while back. But it seems to have faded away (to my knowledge). Anyone care to bring me up to speed?

The video’s in some foreign language. Is this for real? The ark has been kept from public view for ever, it sounds like a hoax?

I posted this on another thread the other day:

Patriarch of Ethiopia: "The world will soon admire the Ark of the Covenant"
The revelation will take place next Friday, 6/26/09, in Rome
Click the above link to go to IGN news service. Click on the Google tab to translate from Italian to English

Background on the Ark:

On the same thread I’d posted that on—go to the page:
and scroll down to post #338 by Muzhik, and read his reply.

Very interesting, indeed.

+Pax, -Dawn

According to tradition, King Solomon sired a child with the Queen of Sheba. She left the boy (Prince Menelik) with the priests in the Temple to be raised. By the time Prince Menelik grew old enough to return home, he had become disgusted by the way his father, King Solomon, had allowed the Temple to become a temple to all the pagan religions around Israel. (Solomon had an eye for “foreign women” and allowed those of his wives to put their idols in the Temple and to have sacrifices to them there.) So Menelik asked his father to allow him to take a copy of the Ark of the Covenant back to Ethiopia with him. He then conspired with the priests in the Temple to switch the replica ark with the real Ark.

The night before he left, Solomon threw a great party for Menelik. Menelik made sure that Solomon’s wine cup was always full, so that he became drunk and fell asleep at the party. Menelik then went to the priests, switched the ark, and took off for Ethiopia, accompanied by a few thousand priests, temple workers, and their families.

When Solomon woke up and learned of the switch, he took off after Menelik, but G_D told him to stay put. Solomon had dishonored the Ark by allowing idol worship in His House, so G_D was allowing the Ark to be removed for safekeeping. Menelik returned safely to his home, and upon the death of his mother, became Menelik I, continuing the Solomonic Dynasty. The dynastic reign continued until the Emperor Haile Selassie was overthrown in 1974 and executed in 1975. His great-grandson and presumed heir to the throne is HRH Prince Stephanos (aka Stephen Mengesha), who now lives in Canada.

(For the record, Catholic teaching follows the account in 2 Maccabees, where the ark is buried in a cave in a mountain outside of Jerusalem. It was done in such haste that the location wasn’t marked, and so it will remain hidden until G_D reveals it.)

The Ethiopian Jews kept the Ark safe in Ethiopia. When Christianity arrived and many of the Ethiopian Jews (but not all) converted to Christianity, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church eventually secreted the Ark in a church in Axum (or Aksum). There are two stories about what happened to it. One is that the Ark still remains in Aksum; the other says it’s back in Israel.

According to Grant Jeffrey, in an interview with Prince Stephanos, during the Marxist revolution in 1974 there was concern about what the Marxists would do to the Ark. Royalist generals tried to save themselves and their families by selling the location of the Ark to the Israelis for several million dollars, which they then used to escape to Switzerland rather than fight to save the Emperor. Israel flew in a commando team with men who were of the Levitic line. The ark was covered with an Israeli flag, and airlifted back to Israel.

As for the Generals, well, they didn’t fare too well. They were all stopped at the Swiss border and arrested. It seems that the Swiss had received an anonymous tip that the generals were trying to enter Switzerland with several million dollars of undeclared cash …

… in counterfeit money.

wow, this is the first that i have heard of this. i have seen a program on one of the cable channels about the ark supposedly being in a village in africa - don’t remember if it was ethiopia. it showed how the men in the village guarded it. the camera did not go inside the building where it was supposedly being guarded. i couldn’t tell if the little building was a church or a synagogue.

why isn’t there more being said about this now?

this is so significant and i haven’t seen anything about it in any of the jewish newsletters i receive either.

please update us with any new information. :slight_smile:

If the Ark was really to be revealed in Rome, the major media outlets would have covered the story already. I doubt this is true, especially since they say that many of the priests who guard the Ark have gone blind and have had very short life spans, many dying due to burns and radiation poisoning. I don’t know how they’re going to transport it to Rome.

I agree with you.

I think all the Patriarch said is that he’s going to tell the other religious leaders in Rome that the Ethiopian Orthodox church has the ark of the covenant. Nothing about putting it on public display. Then someone posted a mis-interpretation online and it went from there.

does the Smithsonian know about this?

If the Ethiopians have had it under guard for a couple thousand years, then they would know the procedure for transporting it. The Old Testament gives procedural information on how to do it.

But, I don’t see why it would be necessary to transport it to Rome either. It seems to me that it could stay right where it is.

I always thought the Ark was a religious symbol, not a secularist symbol.

I would think that the secular’s would ignore this (as is obviously taking place). Frankly, if the Patriarch does reveal it, I don’t believe the “Seculars” will even tell us about it. This would upstage the leftist’s messiah, so I doubt we will even hear about it from the U.S. Secular News services. They would probably want it to go away anyways.:frowning:

Oh,come now. Certainly the secular media would report a story significant to all three monotheistic religions. Besides, the secular media does indeed feature religiously-significant news items on a regular basis. Papal Masses and images of Mary found on trees and tortilla chips make regular headlines.

This thread was probably moved to this section because it is an unconfirmed, likely false story.

I don’t think the Ark will be revealed, for several reasons:

  1. The Ethopian Orthodox Church believe anyone who sees it dies
  2. The man who guards the Ark has never seen the Ark himself (that’s my assumption, given number one)
  3. The Jews believe the Ark was lost when they were exiled to Babylon, and it won’t appear again until the end of the world (so why would the Israelis attempt to steal it?)

About your 1:
Isaiah (2.2) “In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s Temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and all nations shall stream to it.” - this specifically says “in the last days” and also the “mountain of the Lord’s Temple” could mean St Mary’s Church Axum since there is no other building containing the Ark and none of the previous Temples was on a mountain. :eek:

Another thing here. We are talking about the Orthodox Patriarch i.e. BISHOP of an Eastern Catholic Church. It would seem strange to me to accuse our brother Bishops of lying.

About your 2:
I believe that the Guardian does see the Ark. The Patriarch himself stated that he has seen it. Also it seems like a person won’t always die just by looking at it. This seems to come and go, dependant on the particular situation of the Ark. After all the Patriarch didn’t die when he saw it.

About your 3:
If the Ethiopian story is true, then Solomon was left with a copy. It may be that the israelites hid a copy outside of Jerusalem. I have also heard stories of other copies being made and buried in Europe. The Ethiopians themselves tell us that they have made copies and distributed them here and there.

The point being, I don’t think we can discern everything until it all comes to pass.

That program (on either the History Channel or the Discovery Channel – it seems they tend to recycle each other’s programs) I thought was interesting, but … stupid. The author’s premise is that the Ark wasn’t a chest, but a war drum. The village he tracked this legend to isn’t in Aksum, Ethiopia, but Kenya – just to the south of Ethiopia. The village DOES have a high number of people that have the genetic markers consistent with Jews, so it appears there was a significant Jewish community in the area at some time in the past. However, I really can’t agree with the presenter’s assumptions and conclusions.

(I may be thinking of a different special on the Ark. The one I’m thinking of examined various theories, including ones that put the Ark in Europe, Egypt, etc. There was another one that focused on the religious history and traditions of Ethiopia which DID travel to Aksum and showed the outside of the church. The church was run by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It also showed a festival where a copy of the Ark was paraded through the streets.)

I imagine more isn’t being said about it because a) no one in the MSM is paying attention (I didn’t even know this conference was being held in Rome) and b) they’re playing a game of wait-and-see. There’s no information about where or how the Ark will be revealed – if in fact that was the intent of the Patriarch – and too many other questions that need to be answered. With burning questions such as the upcoming divorce of Jon and Kate, stories like these can’t be covered.

I also doubt that there would be any coverage in the Jewish newspapers because this is a Christian thing. They, too, are playing wait-and-see. They wouldn’t want to report on something that turned out to be a replica; they may not want to raise hopes; there may be someone in the Israeli govt. that is putting the squish on the story – there are too many possibilities. Given the current situation about the Temple Mount and the possibility of building the Third Temple, the announcement in the Jewish World that the Ark has been found/recovered/ whatever would mean that a) the Jewish hardliners would start pushing to have it recovered, and b) the Muslim hardliners would be trying to destroy it.

Let’s face it: there are some stories that just don’t need to be reported, just for the safety of people.

not sure if we saw the same program. there was no mention of a war drum.

what do you mean this is a Christian thing? :confused: who built the Ark of the Covenant in the first place and had it in their possession until a Temple could be built to place it in?
i would think that the Jews would have a great interest in this if it is to be revealed.

I hope no one’s face melts… :bigyikes:
Well, except the bad guys, I guess… :wink:

that was a great scene wasn’t it? that sure brings back memories. harrison ford looks so YOUNG!!! makes me feel very old to see that clip!

yes, they had better be wearing their special suits before the ark is opened! :smiley:

And here, I spent the entire page one resisting the urge to say the Ark was neither in Israel, nor Africa, but in a top secret US warehouse being researched by… top… men…

:smiley: Apparently, we shipped it to Ethiopia by mistake…typical bureaucratic goof-up.

The History channel has run a few different research shows on the Ark. Maybe you didn’t see this one. I can back up Muzhik though, cause I did see the same show that tried to convince everyone that the Ark was a Drum, a really old Drum too. They really built up the expectations to see the Ark, then voila, they pop out a Drum. Sheeeesshh!

Honestly, I don’t think us catholics could make something up like this. It could only be done by an atheist.

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