Ark of the Covenant to revealed on Friday!

Yeah…I saw that special. It was pretty anti-climactic.

Hey ya’ll. don’t make to much fun of Indian Jones. I happen to know that Indiana Jones was based on a real live archaeologist, who lived in Arlington, Texas. When I was living in Dallas the newspaper interviewed the real Indiana Jones, and he told them that the Studio interviewed him and got most of their stories from his real life experiences. In fact they left out some of the more astonishing stories, because they didn’t think the public would accept it, and thus make the movie way to corny to believe. The real one was actually named Indiana Jones, and that was the name of his Archaeology office, it was even listed in the yellow pages.

Although the part about the Ark was invented. But Later on I actually called his office in Arlington and spoke to his wife. They were looking for volunteers to help set up computers and use Satellites to try and locate Solomon’s Treasures, that were allegedly buried outside of Jerusalem, with one of those treasures being the Ark.

We would all have to pay our own way to go out to the sites to dig. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t rhyme with theirs. They would honor the Sabbath as beginning on Friday and ending on Saturday evening. At the time I had to work Friday’s and Saturdays, so darn it all, I couldn’t join the fun.

The point is, he really was looking for the Ark, and the thing of it is, his wife was the first to decode the Copper Scrolls, and claims she located the treasures from this. After that, all went silent, then Indiana died of old age.

:confused: jerusalem is in the judean mountain range, and it is built on top of a mountain, two actually according to wikipedia. the dome of the rock is built on the old foundation of the last temple on Temple Mount.

Awww! I could be mistaken about his death. I just assumed that cause he was already really old, back in the late 80’s when I called his office. Sorry bout that!

I believe the reference is to Temples that could have the Ark in them, this day.

Maccabees says the Ark was taken outside of Jerusalem. So it probably isn’t there anymore.

I mean the conference where the Patriarch made his comment was/is a Christian conference, so the Jewish media probably won’t be paying too much attention to it.

believe me, if the Ark of the Covenant is about to be revealed, the Jewish media would be paying a lot of attention.

Keep an eye out for IKEA stickers when it’s revealed.

i finally did see a couple of news articles about this. an announcement will be made tomorrow.
evidently, it will remain in Ethiopia, housed in a museum.
guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the news conference tomorrow.
the article i read said that there were several replicas made to be placed in other churches so that no one would know which was the real one i guess.
i didn’t know that there was an orthodox church of ethiopia.

i did see a picture of the patriarch of the church.

this should be interesting.

the article also said that in islam, they believe the ark will be revealed shortly before the mahdi returns. i think that is who ahmadinijad is expecting at any time.

maybe we are approaching end times. does this mean, that the Jews will begin rebuilding the 3rd temple also?

Forum rules say that you have to provide a link to back up any new information you’re adding to the thread.

Just pointing this out to help you avoid spreading a false rumour.

Ooooh! I want to build one for my living room!

Here you go

The Treasury of the Arc of the Covenant Axum, Ethiopia:

The original story was from an Italian newspaper, with a video in Italian.

Here’s a link to a more recent story in English:

Ethiopian patriarch tells pope he will show artifact to worldBible’s ‘Ark of the Covenant’ about to be unveiled?

thanks gilliam for posting your link. if he would like to see the exact article that i read as well as see a picture of the Patriarch he can go to :slight_smile:

i don’t want to be known as a bearer of false rumors. :smiley:

Lots of controversy surrounding the site:

Thanks. I hope they let scientists carbon date it and that it goes back to 1200BC or so!

guess i didn’t really see this thread as controversial.

Doubtful. Carbon dating requires burning (destroying) part of the artifact to be dated.

They could always ask for volunteers to touch it to see if they die… (I can think of a few I’d like to see volunteer…)

Didn’t mean to offend. I honestly thought it was a hoax!

Like who?

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