Arkansans high on Chris Christie in 2016 ahead of RGA visit to southern state today


Indeed, the consensus among many Springdale residents, and not just those gathered at Neal’s, was that they would be willing to give Christie a chance on the national stage — even if he’s a Northeast Republican.

“It’s hard to tell,” said Janine Perry, a political science professor at the University of Arkansas, when pressed on whether Christie would be well-received by southern Republicans.

“He might do O.K. here, he might be well-received,” Perry said. “But on the other hand, like a lot of southern states, outsiders have a higher threshold for likability.”

Joking aside, the Republicans in Springdale said they were open to a Christie candidacy.
“I like him real well,” said Roy Bradley, conceding his “only reservation” of Christie is he’s from the Northeast.

It’s “another world” in New Jersey, another Neal’s patron said under his breath.
Bradley added, “I will look at him real strong during the primary.”

Yet the timing of Arkansas’ presidential primary, at the end of May in 2016, means the Republican nominee will probably have already been chosen.

Still, Bradley’s assurances could translate into Christie support from deep red Republicans.
“When I think about the Republican Party primary electorate I think of three groups,” said Jay Barth, a politics professor at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark. — country club business Republicans, rural Tea Party Republicans and social conservatives.

“I think Christie is the kind of guy who appeals to the business community,” he said. “It’s a little harder to see him connecting with the other groups both on cultural grounds and on ideological grounds.”

Ok, here goes. I have only been really reading CAF threads for maybe a year or less, so apologies if this has already been done to death. But I want to hear thoughts on Christie. I am not sure I support him myself, so am open. I consider myself a social conservative and haven’t really checked him out so input (factual) welcome. But I kind of like him and have by no means dismissed him. I am still watching him up to the 2016 run. This sounds horribly over personal, but I think he needs to lose some weight if he is serious about running, just for health reasons as much as anything else.


I’m from Arkansas and am not a fan of Chris Christie. Not because he’s from the NE, but because he is too liberal for my liking. I know we will hear everyone telling us a conservative can’t get elected, but the liberal Repubs haven’t had much luck either.


Okay, none of what I write is chiseled in stone, just a bit of what I know about CC.

Good: Catholic, Yes, Pro-Life wife, Christie is pro-life, shut down Planned Parenthood funding in New Jersey, vetoed same-sex marriage bill which later, I believe the Supreme Court of NJ then ruled in favor of same-sex marriage and he did not contest that ruling.

I like his battling confrontational demeanor, I think he is honest.

Bad: Sometimes has to compromise, chummed around too much with Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

Chris Christie, Theologian:

So, I’d say, I could be open to voting for him but mainly if the party nominated him. He is genuinely pro-life and that seems the way he has always been.

But if I had the chance to vote for him in the Primary, I would probably prefer at least 2 of the candidates ahead of him.

But I don’t really think he’s an out-and-out liberal but he might be for “big government”.

I am still not positive what this “Bridge-Gate” is about. I think it’s more of an excuse for those opposed to him and mainly from the other party to go after him about.


I lived most of my adult life in NJ before moving here. Christie was the only governor willing to take on the State Employees Union ( and I was a State employee ) and go after the Teacher’s Union successfully. He was able to do this with a Dem controlled legislature. He insists on people learning to be responsible for themselves and have the State cut costs. Yes, he’s compromised on some issues BUT he got things done. There will never be a perfect politician ( RR came close ) . One thing is for sure- you’ll never have to figure out what he meant.


I’m from the socialist state of NJ, and I agree with you - but after our beloved governors McGreevy and Corzine, Christie was a breath of fresh air!


I’m sure he would be after Obama too, and I’d rather him than Hilary or any other Dem I know of, but I will still HOPE to have someone more conservative to vote for for a CHANGE.


He lost me after signing a strict gun control law. Not that I vote solely on that, but a politicians view on gun control reflects their view of the citizenry; whether they are generally upright people who can make their own decisions or criminals which must be controlled.

I vote for politicians who see the general population as righteous.

And yes, many do say NJ is a socialist country, kind of the East Coasts California!


Well, he sounds pretty “Catholic correct” in my view. I like him. Given the somewhat tepid response here at CAF though, I fear for his chances at the nomination, but it sounds like at least he would get most votes here if he did make it. I am going to watch him on foreign policy and obviously the whole Bridge Gate thing. Personally, I want a viable alternative to Rand Paul who can win. And I do confess to being a “moderate;” in fact I am kind of proud of it. :cool::rolleyes: But I want the Republicans to win; that’s important. And he does need to start dropping a few pounds.


It could have been, for him, a practical matter. See some of the major cities of the Great Garden State - Camden, Newark, Jersey City and Atlantic City and remember how compact of a state NJ is. I’m normally not in favor of any kind of limit of the 2nd but I do not know what the solution is.


I’m a little surprised considering that Gov. Huckabee is from Arkansas and hasn’t ruled out running again in 2016. If Huckabee can’t win his home state then that isn’t good for him.


Re Chris Christie and foreign policy. Doesn’t sound too promising. :slight_smile:

Oh well, hopefully he’s a quick learner.


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