Arks, Angels, and Extra Terrestrials


Ok so, an Angel to some is an Extra Terrestrial to somebody else. Tomato/Tomotto. The thing is, most people who believe in Extra Terrestrials aka “Aliens” would totally and fully deny the Ark story (Noah) unless perhaps an Alien technology was part of the story, like some kind of Portal, etc? I’m trying to help our scientific half-believers here. “Yeah, something is totally out there” but “nah, two of every animal and creature, impossible!”


Peter Kreeft says in his book and lecture Angels and Demons that angels are the real extraterrestrials.

There is much we don’t understand but the Church says angels do all sorts of things concerning this world and the whole universe.


Perhaps Angeles are Extra-celestial? Either way, in our universe there’s only man, God, and the Angels. The aliens people see are merely demonic apparitions.


Angels are legitimate of course. A friend tried to sell me on some alien research and I said, “if you want real sightings, check out the holy bible!” I’m just wondering on the Noah Ark… potential for some storage which went beyond our understanding could certainly have existed… Thoughts?


We don’t know that.


Well I suppose the reasoning that denies aliens would also deny angels and even God if we were to be consistent.


not necessarily because in regard to extraterrestrials there is the fact that earth exists and considering the vast size of the universe it’s only logical to believe that there must be life on other planet(s). Angels and God deal with faith and the supernatural therefore not a fair comparison, to be consistent.


What’s up with the probes. :alien::frowning:


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Ford Probes and UFOs, (cracking up here)


Exactly so, the strict commitment to reasoning that would give a green light to aliens would have to deny angels as there is far less coercive circumstantial evidence.
Why do you put angels, tooth fairies, hobgoblins and elves in a special category in this regard?


If angels, fairies, and elves were found on earth then they theoretically could exist on another planet in the universe. That’s the definition of “life on other planets” possibility.



Angels are pure spirit beings.

Interesting article I wrote on this subject the Irish thought that the Fey were angels that took no position in the war in heaven.

Here’s another one on Black Eyed Kids.


That history channel Meme, LOL


Nothing is impossible with God.


Well I have heard from the “Ancient Alien” contingent that Noah really just had the DNA for every animal, not the actual animals… hmmmmm


Strangely, that was a fantabulous answer (and sadly)

Glad to know what they’re up to


Of course! Because…

wait for it…

wait for it…




Aliens been very very good to Giorgio !

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