Arks, Angels, and Extra Terrestrials


Anyone got a better explanation for the megaliths which we don’t have tech advanced enough to build today?


Did aliens invent concrete too?
We no longer make it near as good as in acient times.
We lost the recipe.


I guess while “technically” angels are extraterrestrials (meaning outside of earth), it’s not what most people think of when they think of aliens.

Also, nobody actually says TOMAAAAATO, that’s just a government hoax :rofl:


Answer my question first.

I assume you’re addressing me. If not, disregard.


The Truth is out there :sunglasses::smoking:


Probably the strangest assertion that I hear from non-catholics is in regard to Fatima and it supposedly having UFO connections.

:angel::princess::crescent_moon: :church::alien:


Malachi Martin


What on earth is tomotto?

Angels exist: aliens don’t.


We’ve found it again, apparently - volcanic ash and seawater in the mix.


That new Jedi religion needs a merger. G_d at the top and Luke going on a mission to follow Jesus… hey, it could happen!


So do you think fallen angels inhabit extraterrestrial or lab created bodies as sort of bio suits to enslave mankind?


I can’t stand that common term, does it make sense in our language? The Exorcism books by The late Fr. Gabriele Amorth might be a good start. If anyone could have hired a Van Helsing-type Vatican ninja, who do you think could? But all we know is that Exorcists do exist and they perform something…


Which common term?

Malachi Martin and Gabriel Amorth were definitely Van Helsing types.


Fallen angel is a messed up term. Some kids might think of a falling star which is supposed to be good luck (in cartoons). Then hitting on a person of the opposite sex, “did you fall from Heaven!!!” Besides, that “fall” wasn’t pleasant… Why not call them “chucked demons”




What do you guys think of CERN did something get through. :scream::ghost::japanese_ogre::alien:


It looks like they have a twitter, do you trust it?


There’s a story floating on the internet that CERN opened a portal to Hell.

That’s what I was referencing.


Woah, that’s major serious


Explains a lot, though.

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