Arks, Angels, and Extra Terrestrials


Strange, there seems to be more evidence for material aliens than immaterial angels.


Did any demons make it out or did they close it in time?


There is no evidence for humanoid aliens. And no connection between so-called aliens and angels.


You mean you do not believe there is strong or valid evidence surely?


It’s suggested they did and one scientist disappeared and was taken to hell.

I’m not sure it’s based on truth but it’s a creepy story.


There isn’t. I’ve been studying the subject for a long time. Nothing I’ve read has provided any tangible evidence just strange claims that cannot be verified.


That is not “no evidence”.
Your exaggerated statement is hardly reasonable.
There is evidence and your own personal research doesnt make your universalised statement objectively true.


You mean you are also not sure the story is whacko but could be true?
May I ask if you are over 18 years old?


I’m 30 thanks for that.:joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

I think it’s bogus but it’s fun to talk about.

Who knows maybe science could find a way to open a portal to hell but I think in this case this story is just a really good work of fiction.


You think. :joy:


Ninety nine percent of all that stuff on YouTube is fake.

I actually try to investigate the stories and see of they are fake or there is some areas of truth.

I wrote an article on my blog about Russian propaganda or fiction to scare the poop out of gullible people.


Angels are immortal. Extra Terrestrials are not immortal. They are just humans from other planets. There is a big difference.

Here is what Vatican Observatory has said about extra terrestrials:


So Aliens do exist… :crazy_face:

I knew this whole time.


Aliens possibly having a hand in ancient architecture is very different from aliens creating the human race and being an explanation for everything in the Bible. The former answers one question, the latter leads to additional questions.


First, that doesn’t answer my question.
Second, I never said that aliens created the human race.
Third, nor did I say that their presence explained everything in the Bible.

I’m asking whether you or anyone has a better explanation for the existence of building constructed with giant stones that are too big for us to handle with modern equipment?

Well, do ya?

The former answers one question,

Does that mean that you believe that aliens had a hand in ancient architecture?

the latter leads to additional questions.

Like what?


What I am saying is that I don’t dismiss the possibility that extraterrestrials have visited earth in the past. I don’t know what structures you are referring to, the only ones I do know they explained were the Easter Island structures in that they found the area where these were crafted with some of them still in process and I would think there are explanations for others also. But as I say, I am not in a position to argue one way or another. I just believe that shows like Ancient Aliens take the argument too far and are one sided in presenting their evidence.

As far as the other questions, if we go down the road that aliens started life on this planet, then all the creation questions just shift from us to them.


The questions that we have about ancient monuments are unanswered. The speculations are just that. Those people had the same minds we have, and were capable, given the motivation, of solving engineering problems that stymie ordinary people.

Ancient alien theorists are trying to turn their theories into a New Age religion. And with the religious vacuum in many parts of the world, this is a possibility. Nothing more than a cargo cult, and doing nothing to elevate the spiritual condition of mankind. Another moneymaker for New Age shamans.


Good call. The pyramids thing is a biggie as well. Does it represent Israeli strength or abuses they endured? Really both… but we leave the religious “worship” part totally out. So, with Machu Pichu and all those places, what’s up with that? Then it goes into the school thing as well. If we didn’t have Catholic schools in the USA sticking around, the whole system would be destroyed. I think other denominations of Christians should check out Catholic schools all the time.


Some of the alien stuff gets weird like probes and interspecies rape and hybrid alien children.

Then you have all the reptilian shapeshifter videos on YouTube which are really just videos that are very old and pixelated or faked with cheap CGI.

I mean maybe the government might be communicating with what it thinks are aliens and are really demons and maybe they might be cloning bodies for these evil spirits to inhabit.

A lot of this stuff gets really weird and I look into it and I try to give things the benefit of the doubt but the idea of like celebrity cloning is really out there.

Half these people are just getting older I mean if you look at photos of me when I was younger and of me now I almost look like a completely different person because I have a different hairline or because I have weight gain.

And then just in Catholicism you have all the conspiracy theories about the Zionists, Freemasons the doppelgangers.

I have heard that sister Lucia was assassinated and replaced with a doppelganger and I have heard the same thing about Pope Paul VI.

I will admit though that it might actually might be true in the case of Pope Paul VI if you look at his pictures he does not look like the same guy.

Honestly I think the pyramids and all that stuff people think aliens built is just a product of good human ingenuity using mathematics.

People act like they didn’t have mathematics in the time of the Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Egyptians, and ancient Sumerians.

The Aztec and Mayan calendars use mathematics and astrology in different cycles and they had pyramids.


I watched a show on Netflix and they had a pastor on there and he said he thought that maybe these E.T’s were in fact angels & demons. He pointed out that some of these creatures smelled like Sulphur (same with demon activity) and were mean creatures but on the flip side there are some that didn’t smell and were nice creatures. I love this stuff. I’ve seen some stuff in the skies and couldn’t say what it was but it was exciting!!!

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