Arks, Angels, and Extra Terrestrials


Well Aleister Crowley made contact with a spirit called Lam.

The illustration resembles an alien grey.

He was a bad guy though into that satanic stuff.


If you have Netflix, you should watch this documentary on UFOs: . It is very interesting.


The idea of Stargates was it a thing before or after the film and television series?

New Stargate show coming out.


Ive seen this one twice. Good show!


I was taking to a guy at work yesterday about whether in Noah’s time they actually had advanced technology and civilization and that man gets knocked back every so often.

Makes you kinda wonder with all the batteries and computer looking machines they have found.

Plus all these giant skeletons that show up and disappear.


The Truth Is Out There…




First, the Japanese convinced the Egyptian government to allow them to build a small-scale pyramid using modern equipment. They failed. Various measurements of the Great Pyramid show the craftsmanship to be extraordinary by modern standards. The precision baffles modern craftsmen. There is no evidence aliens were involved in its construction. There are megaliths in Europe which are unexplained. One writer noticed that as he mapped them, they fell along a straight line, but the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Other unique finds that were produced by careful observation but could not have existed at the time, or so we’re told, include the Antikythera Mechanism. It is said to be 2,000 years old. One writer asked what could the ancient Greeks have used it for. Based on detailed analysis, the answer is: For most of the same reasons relatively modern humans would have used it.


Long before the official beginning of the Flying Saucers in the United States in 1947, aliens with oversized heads, and saucers, appeared on the covers of science-fiction magazines. In the 1950s, aliens were generally very human looking or humanoid in appearance. As time passed, more and more aliens with oversized heads became the “norm.” Now, a new layer of baloney has been added: the aliens are demons or angels. Nonsense.

I’ve studied this subject and other mysterious phenomena for a long time. There is no evidence of aliens but there is evidence of man-made aircraft that were designed for covert reconnaissance and mapping purposes.


Hey, you never know!! Those guys at CERN are crazy! Splitting the atom is an atomic bomb…what does speeding up the atoms through a miles long tube and smashing them together do??


De-Maria, what do you think about the possibility of lost ancient technology that helped build megaliths , pyramids, etc? What about power along the lay-lines?


Atoms are made up of smaller parts than protons, electrons and neutrons. Usually, a small number of atoms are isolated and accelerated through a tube with magnetic confinement. Other atoms are accelerated in the opposite direction, or there is a target, and when they collide, there is no atom bomb, but they break into smaller parts like quarks, gluons and other components.


Agree and don’t agree. Simply put, aliens are part of the deception. The West believes it is the apex of human civilisation, therefore pyramids, obelisks etc must be “alien”. Since they were constructed by non Western nations. The greys visited me before my conversion to Catholicism. They don’t exist if you are covered by the blood of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. They do exist, if one is still wandering in the wilderness.


We don’t know that aliens don’t exist. God is able to make as many creatures in as many places as He wants. And He’s not obligated to tell us about them.


Right now, there is zero proof of aliens.


The pyramids were constructed by non-Westerners and supposedly with tools too crude to do the job. We can build obelisks but not pyramids. Look up tube drill and add the words ancient Egypt.


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