Armed Burglar, shot by resident with assault rifle then run over by his friends!

I think this Southern Indiana burglar needs to find an honest job and settle his life down a little bit. The burglar faced a resident who uses an “assault rifle” as his home defense gun* (smart man is he)*, then, after being shot by the resident and backing out the door, his buddies ran him over with their get away car.

Honestly I thought this might belong in the “poetic justice” forum :rolleyes:, but we don’t have one of those here so I guess it fits best in the Secular News category.

[INDENT]Police: Armed burglar shot by resident
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By Gavin Lesnick
Originally published 03:10 p.m., March 15, 2009
Updated 03:10 p.m., March 15, 2009

A burglar who kicked in an apartment door this morning while brandishing a handgun was shot once by the resident and later run over outside, police said.

**Derek Clark, 26, was shot once in the leg and was backed over by accomplices as they fled the scene, **Evansville Police Department Sgt. Larry Nelson said. Clark is in intensive care at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Detectives have not yet been able to speak to Clark and are still looking for the accomplices. Nelson said there are multiple other people involved. . . .

Speaking this afternoon outside of his residence, Murray said he was thankful it happened when his four children were out of town.** As he went to retrieve his assault rifle** from his bedroom to defend himself, this morning Murray said he thought of the kids. “I just felt like 'I can’t die right now,” he said. "I got too many kids, I got too much to lose. I can’t die right now."


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I used to work for an insurance company. One day, the VP was chuckling on the elevator. I asked, and he told me a story.

We insured a chain of convenience stores. One day, someone came in and pulled a gun, demanding money. The clerk (fitting the stereotype, a Pakistani immigrant) had a gun too, and was a much better shot. He got him several times while standing there, and a couple more as he tried to run out the door. One shot got his spine and made him a paraplegic.

The robber sued, because he was disabled. We offered the usual huge sum to keep from losing even more, and his lawyer refused it.

“What’s so funny about that?” I asked.

“It went to trial. The jury didn’t give him a penny.” The VP said.

You’d have to be familiar with how that game worked in the 80s to know why it was so funny.

Now days many states have changed their laws and things like that can’t go to trial. Thankfully our legal system is improving and victims, when acting in self defense, can’t be sued if the criminal is injured. I’m not saying all states have that type of law, but many do.

It reminds me a lot of our Catechism. In there it says we are supposed to defend life, we should use similar force, but if we kill the aggressor while defending innocent life (typically our own life?) then we have not sinned. (clearly I’m paraphrasing the Catechism)

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