Armed militia sets up Texas command center to ‘fight for national sovereignty’



Behold the enemy:

Joking aside, I hope nobody gets hurt.


cute kids. . . . er. . . I mean illegals.


This is a bad idea… Yes, the border issue is a major one, and yes, steps need to be taken to help stem this problem. Armed men who, in earthly terms, answer to no one is not the answer to this problem. Something like this can only end in problems… citizens militias are fine, and I support citizens rights to form them, however, they should only be engaged in an effort to prevent the advance of a violent attacker… not children.


That’s right, it’s ALL about the children, those impish darlings.

It could never be about national sovereignty, borders, culture, language. It’s just about the children.

SEND THEM HOME. And now, forbid them to return, ever.


Oh, I’m not denying that it’s an issue, or saying that these children should be given free asylum. What I am saying that that an armed militia with no accountability should not be the ones to enforce the law. While I don’t really trust the government at all, I still think it is their responsibility to return these children home.


“culture”. What culture are you speaking of? Describe this “culture” and how these children are an affront to said “culture”.


They look dangerous! (sarc) We’d better break out the assault rifles, body armor, and bayonets. Rally the citizens to repulse the evil invaders!

What a joke. You would think they’d consider other, real threats before they considered a load of children. Oh wait… they’re brown children. That explains the danger perfectly :shrug:


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Armed militias are nothing new in texas, a state owned and operated by the Tea Party. Just a few years ago there was a group near Ft. Davis. Tx. Who declared a separate nation independent of both the United States and texas.

They called themselves the “Republic of Texas” and went into armed rebellion. But they did not last a week.

Who knows they might survive today, with Gov Perry hinting at seceding from the Union.


I wanted to form my own country. . . . . . . . .in middle school.


Terrible waste of man power. Even a well trained militia can only police some of the border.
What is wrong with a massive expanse of land mines right across the US side of the border. No need for signs to be in any language other than English. Indeed the need for signs are questionable if you put up a further razor wire fence on the US side of the mine field. Then you have another mine field that has no signs to catch those that might feel safe after getting through the fence. A sort of psychological barrier if you like.
I have been involved in private prison administration and with a good mine field you can cut your wage costs for perimeter surveillance to just a dog squad and one or two M2 Browning fixed machine guns.
I do not think the US government has its heart in border protection . Refugees always hide behind the faces of innocent children. If you allow one sub-set of exemptions to your screening processes they will flood the market with this product. If the US allows for unaccompanied minors into your country then that is what you will get.


As a Texahoman, I can tell you that the militias have been around since long before the tea party, and have been active regardless of the party in power. Similarly, I can tell you that it was more people than just the militias or extremists who considered if it wouldn’t behoove Texas to seceded.


Mara Salvatrucha, MS 13.

God Bless The Smugglers bringing these people to the United States, isn’t it good to know open border policies also don’t encourage anyone to come here and thus is not a dangerous policy.


Needless to say, this is indeed mild but if people are going to post photos, let’s not forget the other.


We sent Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba to live with his father, after his mother gave her life so he could live here.

So, the US has no problem ridding itself of unwanted children.

Ship them back, and microchip them, and DNA mark them, so they can’t come back.

AND, for all of you who want their brand of poverty here, YOU GO THERE and improve things for them so they can quit coming here.


Cute kids, er I mean illegals.


Wow. Just… wow.


From 1836 and about 1846 Texes was an independent nation and between 1861 and 1865 it was a part of CSA during the Civil War. :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I am aware of all that. And I thank God that I was not born in texas, and that my ancestors never claimed to own their fellow human beings!

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