Armed protestors swarm vote count site

Armed protesters have swarmed a Phoenix vote count location as crucial election votes are tallied in the state of Arizona.

Officers in Maricopa County are inside the elections centre and prepared to get staff to safety as crowds of demonstrators outside the facility continue to grow.

More than 200 people - predominately Trump supporters - are now gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Department.

Some of the group appear to be armed.

The crowds has been yelling “count the votes” - a stark contrast to similar demonstrations just hours ago in Detroit, where Trump supporters urged officials to “stop the count”.

Heavily armed sheriff’s deputies have now arrived in full tactical gear.

The police should be there to support the protesters. All they are doing is demanding a free and fair election. There has been so much voter fraud already, it’s virtually unbearable. Trump won the election, hands down. We all went to bed last night with Trumps victory well in hand. While we were sleeping, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were magically found via mail in ballots and computer “errors” and Michigan and Wisconsin magically swing to Biden. There are more computer problems in Georgia, shenanigans going on in Arizona and Nevada. This whole thing is being rigged. Trump called it out months and months ago. Biden himself admitted on television, that they have the largest voter fraud organization in history (something to that effect). While I certainly would never justify hoping for violence, I can say that I am praying that freedom loving Americans do NOT take this election stealing business lying down. I pray Trump refuses to concede and, God willing, the military will side with him. At this rate, I’d rather live under a Trump regime then a Biden-Harris anti-Catholic marxist presidency.


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Let them “swarm”…we all are. Prayers for Biden!~

ALL votes count.


I pray Biden come to his senses and have the sense to concede that Trump won the election (which he clearly did). All that will likely come from winning through voter fraud is civil unrest and, God forbid, assassinations. Do we really want our country to become the Soviet Union or Communist China? The democrats are pushing us there harder than ever before.


That’s an odd statement. One might expect police to have the function of maintaining peace, not supporting a protest.

Btw, Welcome to CAF!


Yes welcome to CAF!

Umibebella thanks and apologies. For some reason the copy paste didn’t work. I’ll delete and try again

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Police have a dual role here: to protect protesters from attack, and to stop protesters from attacking anyone. They are not to support anyone.


You’ve lost me there. BLM is largely a movement. To paint people that perform an action under the slogan as terrorist is to paint with a brush that is much to wide.

Why would an electoral win be dependent on whether or not there is civil unrest? The two are independent of each other.

If you stop the voting process, it will.

I would suggest to you if it looked like a favorable path for Trump, the counting process would be encouraged by his campaign.

Republicans are doing very well in the Senate, and picked up seats in the House. How much you wanna bet there won’t be an attempt to invalidate those votes? Keep those you want, stop what you don’t? It will not work, sorry.

Pray fallen away Catholic Biden turns back to God before he dies and faces his own judgment

No one wants to stop the voting process, just the hidden, secret suspected ballot fraud


Pray Trump finds the Catholic faith, the one true church, and undergoes RCIA and joins in sincerity.


Carrying arms in Arizona is allowed. Part of the old West, OK corral.

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Yes , been there, seen that. This is a little different .

Reminds me so much of the 2000 elections where they were swarming the halls trying to stop counting. The Supreme Court agreed with them.

Last time I voted in November.

He’ll have to answer to God just like the rest of us.

It will be if you want just one party rule.

Well, only if you don’t look at the actual numbers of votes.

And unproven.

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