Armenia Pans NATO for Pro-Azeri Statement


YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—Armenia on Monday criticized NATO for again backing Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and not explicitly acknowledging the Karabakh Armenians’ right to self-determination.

                                               I think we're rapidly reaching the point where countries like Russian and Armenia need to build a common military alliance to oppose NATO.


Armenia should join the military architecture proposed by the president of Kazakhstan.

In doing this, Russia and her allies could then support each other against Western imperialism.

It is so funny how the West never recognizes any people’s right to self determination when that right would be at odds with NATO/American greed/power games.


Yes. When reading this i was thinking that Armenia should watch what they are saying or they might find themselves Being “freed” just like the Ukraine was.


And Russia & Communist China recognize other people’s right to self determination?



Can’t say much about China. but Russia did give the Crimea the vote. So there is that.


In an extensive declaration adopted at a summit held in Wales late last week, the leaders of the NATO member states said they “remain committed in their support to the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.” They said NATO will therefore continue to seek settlements of the conflicts in the South Caucasus and Moldova “based upon these principles and the norms of international law.”

The article also reads this. Let’s hope the Russians leave Georgia alone whom they have already shown aggression towards though I’m sure those who side with Russia would tell us again, this was the fault of a smaller nation.


Armenian officials argue that a combination of self-determination and territorial integrity is at the heart of the Basic Principles of a Karabakh settlement drafted by the U.S., Russia and France. The proposed framework accord reportedly allows for an eventual international recognition of Karabakh’s secession from Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani government meanwhile commended NATO for reaffirming its declared support for Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

So NATO respects territorial integrity but that is wrong. Alright then.


There, Gorbachev interrupts the speech of academician Ambartsumyan with what seemed like a fair question: “Tell us, what was the Azerbaijani population in Yerevan at the start of the century?”

The academician got confused.

Ambartsumyan: In Yerevan in the early century?

Gorbachev: Yes.

Ambartsumyan: It is hard for me to tell.

Gorbachev: You must know it. I will remind you, 43% were Azerbaijanis in Yerevan in the early century. What is the percentage of Azerbaijanis today?

Ambartsumyan: Very few now. Maybe one percent.

Gorbachev: At the same time, I do not want to accuse Armenians of driving out Azerbaijanis…

And this is his “counterview” with writer V. Petrosyan.

Gorbachev: And another question for you. In your speech and other speeches, appears an idea that the problems of Nagorno-Karabakh could be solved by ceding it to Armenia. Tell me, is there any other way available?

Petrosyan: Mikhail Sergeyevich, I do not see one.

Gorbachev: Let’s say we did make the decision you offer. I am speaking figuratively. But 400,000 Armenians remain in Azerbaijan, 207,000 of them in Baku. 500,000 Armenians live in Georgia. What do we do with them? Should we send them to Armenia?

Petrosyan: That is a different story…

So 25 years after the disintegration of the USSR, should we be supporting the maps being withdrawn again??


It’s in Armenia’s best interests at this time to move closer to Russia and avoid the West, because 1.Turkey is a member of NATO, and Jihadists based there have murdered Armenians in Syria. 2.The US has a military base in Azerbaijan and for some time has supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, meaning Nagorno-Karabakh should eventually be returned.


Georgia acted like a bully. And coped a smack down for it.


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