Armenian Easter

Does anyone know why the Armenians celebrate Easter on the same day as Roman Catholics instead of on the day other Orthodox celebrate Easter? Do the oriental Orthodox follow the Gregorian calendar?

Армянская Апостольская Церковь практически не изменила своих традиций и праздников с древнейших времен. Армяне празднуют Пасху в период с 22 марта по 25 апреля, т. е. после весеннего равноденствия, в первое воскресенье после полнолуния. Таким образом, армяне отмечают этот праздник вместе с католиками.
or in English:
The Armenian Apostolic church** has practically not changed its traditions and festivals from the most ancient times. Armenians make festival of Paskha in a period from 22 March to 22 April, that is after the Spring equal-day, on the first Sunday after the Half-Moon. In such fashion, the armenians celebrate the feast with the Catolics together.

Using the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar?

Well I just found that the Armenian Church adopted the Gregorian calendar in the 1920s, and unlike the Eastern Orthodox using the new calendar, they apply it to Easter as well.

Is the Armenian church Eastern Rite Catholic, or are they Eastern Orthodox, or have same returned to Rome and others haven’t?

I have been studying the Armenian genocide for several years now since the movie Ararat came out, and that question has never been answered.


The majority of Armenians are Oriental Orthodox (in communion with the Copts of Egypt, the Orthodox of Ethiopia and Eritrea, etc., not ‘Eastern’ Orthodox Greeks or Slavs). There is a smaller community of Armenians in union with Rome, but they came along much later (c. 1700s). The Armenian Orthodox Church has the distinction of being the oldest national Church in the world.

I found this interesting quotation from an authoritative Bahá’í source;

**Nearly two thousand years ago, Armenia was enveloped with impenetrable darkness. One blessed soul from among the disciples of Christ hastened to that part, and through his effort, erelong that province became illumined. Thus it has become evident how the power of the Kingdom works!
Therefore, rest ye assured in the confirmations of the Merciful and the assistance of the Most High; become ye sanctified above and purified from this world and the inhabitants thereof; suffer your intentions to work for the good of all; cut your attachment to the earth and like unto the essence of the spirit become ye light and delicate. Then with a firm resolution, a pure heart, a rejoiced spirit, and an eloquent tongue, engage your time in the promulgation of the divine principles so that the oneness of the world of humanity may pitch her canopy in the apex of America and all the nations of the world may follow the divine policy. **(Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets of the Divine Plan, p. 71)

This wonderful passage was intended to encourage Baha’i teachers to go to all parts of the world…and that divine confrmations would assist them. It also verifies the Revelation of Christ and the antiquity of the Armenian church.

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