Armenian saint named Doctor of the Church [CWN]

St. Gregory of Narek, an Armenian Catholic monk who lived in what is now Turkey and died in 1005, has been named by Pope Francis a Doctor of the Church.Born in Narek in 950, St. …


Is it going to take a thousand years for the Church to declare Pope St. John Paul the Great a doctor of the Church?

This is great. I think it is significant that the latest Dr of the Church is coming from areas that have widespread Christian persecution, especially with what the Armenian Church as suffered under Islam.

Idk…I loved St. JP II, the Great–but his body of written works doesn’t quite arise to the level of “Doctor of the Church”, imho. His strength was in his person; in his presence; in his leadership…

Not so much in his writings.

I’d say Pope Benedict XVI would likely become a Doctor of the Church, long before St. JP II.

…and that’s while readily acknowledging that St. JP II was a much better pope, with a much more impactful papacy, and a much greater, more enduring legacy, and impact/influence on the Church.

But Pope Benedict XVI’s writings were brilliant, and (again, IMHO) on par, with writings of many of the Doctors of the Church–e.g.–Introduction to Christianity, Called to Communion, Spirit of the Liturgy, and Jesus of Nazareth Vols I-III.

That’s just my humble opinion; perhaps you can point out where/how I’m mistaken; what writings of Pope St. John Paul II left, that are truly “Doctor of the Church” worthy.

I think it significant that yet another monk and mystic was named Doctor of the Church. Hopefully this will encourage a movement away from the current obsession some have with scholasticism and back toward mystagogy. For those not interested in arguing about vaguely tangential topics but rather in the new Doctor himself…

I can’t seem to find any of his work in print outside of extremely expensive rare/antique volumes.

Accept with sweetness almighty Lord my bitter prayers.
Look with pity upon my mournful face.
Dispel, all-bestowing God, my shameful sadness.
Lift, merciful God, my unbearable burden.
For you are glorified by all creation, forever and ever.


just downloaded his prayer book to my kindle.

interesting to note that the monastery was destroyed in the Armenian genocide but this Saint’s writings and work was not and this new Dr. speaks to the continued and current persecution of all the Christians in the middle east under Islam. St. Gregory of Narek pray for us and those Christians in that area of the world.

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