"Arms of Love" readers: Did anyone feel a little down because

…the situation in the book is just so very perfect? It’s a beautiful idea for a story, but I couldn’t really connect with the characters, especially Joanie. It made me think, “Well, golly, maybe that’s why I’m still single-- I’m nowhere near that perfect image of a Catholic woman.” And all the talk of how drawn they are to each other just made me feel even more sad that I’m missing out on such deep love and companionship in my own life. I know, Jesus is first, but…those of you fellow singles discerning marriage, you know what I mean. It’s tough out here alone. And-- let’s be honest-- sometimes being alone makes us wonder what’s wrong with us that’s keeping us in this state (please don’t say anything about discerning religious life-- I’ve been there and it’s a “no”). Stories that show how perfect you have to be to even be attractive to another human being do not help the situation.

Maybe since I’m a convert (by way of the Holy Spirit and Him alone, not b/c of a partner) and much older than the characters yet single I found it a little difficult to relate to the story. I’m feeling a little isolated from the Church lately and realizing how much of a difference it makes to grow up in it vs. just being a random single convert that doesn’t fit in anywhere. Just looking for a little inspiration during these trials. Does anyone know of any similar themed books that are…how should I say…a bit more “rough around the edges”? With characters that are less perfect yet still manage to find that Love in their lives?

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