Army Battles Jihadists In N Lebanon, 11 Killed


TRIPOLI, Lebanon: At least 11 people were killed in running battles between Lebanese troops and ISIS-inspired militants in north Lebanon Saturday as the military pursued a crackdown to rid the port city of Tripoli of jihadists plotting attacks in the country, security sources

                              Lebanon getting closer to another civil war.


I predicted Lebanon and Turkey to fall into civil war before the end of Obama’s presidency.


The destruction of Israel after the next pope and the next US Democrat president/s. So like 15 to 20 years tops.


And yesterday’s attack in Egypt that killed 29 soldiers, indicates that Islamic extremists are along way from being eradicated in that country.


As the ME erupts and fall under the marauding violence of Islamists, when will we start to recognize that the lunatic fringe of Islam have frayed the garment right up to the seams?


There are a lot of Christians in Lebanon still, what are the odds ISIS wants to destroy them?


That will happen, wherever and whenever Islamists come to power.


Death toll has now risen to 27


TRIPOLI, Lebanon: Lebanese commandos, backed by helicopter gunships, seized the headquarters of an Islamist militant leader Monday, on the fourth day of clashes that have rocked Lebanon’s second city, leaving 42 people dead and some 150 wounded.

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                                             And 162 suspected extremists have been arrested.


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