Army might have found its new rifle in Colorado Springs garage


This is going on my Christmas list…


I need one because reasons.


Wow that is pretty cool. Like Star Wars cool.


Is this invention a result of any of Trump’s deregulation?


No, he has been working on it for years, starting with the idea in the 90s.


Very intriguing.

I wonder how it works without a magazine though, maybe a disposable zip clip of these 5 shot shells (?). And are these unusual casings disposable or reusable, also wonder about their weight.


Yeah upon reading it, my biggest concern is the ammo. It comes in large 4rd blocks. That is a lot of weight and if the weight isn’t an issue, a lot of bulk for a guy to carry to carry the current UBL of ammo in this form. Guys barely have enough room on their kit for the current 6/7 mags. 210rds in bulky 4rd blocks takes up a lot of space. But the concept is pretty sweet.


Since it uses electromotive force and not gunpowder, technically it shouldn’t be called a “fire” arm.


No, my read is that it uses an electronic actuator instead of a firing pin.
But it still uses gun powder as propellant, in the ammunition blocks.


Well, you may be right then.

But I know that the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford uses electromotive force rather than compressed steam for its aircraft-launching catapults. I figure it’s just a matter of time (though it may be a long time) for that technology to be scaled down for use in hand-held weapons.



Yes, that tech is exciting. They are also testing a new rail gun but it’s a beast in size when you consider the required power plant for the energy and the capacitors to store the high charge. It’s only ship mounted at the moment, since they have the power to run it.


Who knows what different countries are developing weapons wise …


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