Army says word "Negro" OK to use


My father was a young man during the era of ‘sundown’ laws (people who were not white had to be out of town at sundown.) The signs posted talked about ‘blacks’ but in every day talk, the whites used the derogatory ‘n’ word. The term ‘negro’ was used for formal documents and in school.

In fact when I was in elementary school (in the 50s) the teachers still used the term ‘negro’ … then in the 60s the term ‘black’ became popular.

Considering the terms drill sergeants currently used towards those in their care, I am not surprised that ‘negro’ is OK.



As a poster said, the army has reversed their position. Post # 16.

"The U.S. Army changed the regulation Friday and issued an apology “to anyone we offended.”






Why is the evisceration of the English language in the name of not offending the perpetually offended a good thing?



Right, I understand. :thumbsup: Especially the Mongoloid part. No one wants to be called that. It used to be that “idiot”, “imbecile” and “moron” were legitimate medical terms based on IQ, but look at the connotations today! And let’s not even discuss “niggardly”! :stuck_out_tongue:



What is wrong with the word niggardly?




Maybe we should think of it as the evolution of the English language rather than its evisceration.



And mentally retarded has changed to mentally challenged although physically disabled is still used. I particularly find creative and amusing the euphemism for bald, which is “follically challenged.”



When perfectly good words like ‘niggardly’ and ‘negro’ and ‘mongoloid’ are tossed out for fear of offending those whose careers depend on being offended, then it is not an evolution but a strangulation.



And all these combinations of ‘_____ challenged’ are becoming as derogatory as the words they replace.

We used to call deaf people ‘dumb’, that was replaced by ‘deaf’, and now ‘deaf’ is too indelicate and so we are supposed to say the awkward and clumsy phrase ‘hearing challenged’. We cant say Negro but must say African American, but whites that migrate from South Africa to the US are not African Americans, no, that is the sole possession of black Americans.

The Redskin name issue is another example of a team mascot and logo designed by Amerindians on the team out of pride, and team mascot is chosen from things that are despised, that is ridiculous. And yet thousands of people think the Redskin name was chosen to ridicule Amerindians? This is absurd and yet very educated and relatively intelligent people persist in this ruse because they cynically consider it all a game anyway and the rules merely changing. No, as many have warned in times where people had more freedom to say what they wanted, this purging of the language is just another form of thought control and that is anti-freedom.

This whole subject is evidence of how much freedom we have lost due to social pressures in this country, another form of tyranny as the social elites are usually hand in hand with the government elites.

I will say what I want when I want but if asked I will refrain from words that offend the delicate.



A generally valid argument, I think. But Redskin does sound quite bad even if the intentions were originally good. And elite is a frequently used term which itself has become offensive. I also prefer liberal to progressive; the former term is nothing to be ashamed of but has been transformed by some into something pejorative, as has the word secular, all of which suggests that the usage of language affects its meaning.



One day, the name Redskins will be scrubbed out of football, and with that, our historic roots in an aboriginal America will become even less visible than they are now.



Got a question about the term Mongoloid.

Is this also the term for people with Downs Syndrome?



While there mat be people whose careers depend on being offended let us keep in mind that we are still to guard and filter our minds and tongues and to treat people the way we ourselves want to be treated.



I think this political correctness will be a passing fad and perhaps the Redskins name will remain.



What if the word is said with a Spanish accent? By the way, I’m mixed with black and white, and on my birth certificate for “color or race of mother” it says “negro.”



Yep. They used to be called “Mongoloid idiots”.



Are our historic roots of an aboriginal America so much intertwined with the game of football?



This really shows how language changes!



Remember when “gay” used to mean “happy”? When “pray” used to mean “to ask/plead/entreat/petition”? Catholics still know “pray” means “to ask”, but Protestants think “pray” means “worship”. Hence their alarm at Catholics praying to saints. Different use of the word. In the legal profession, they still use “pray” correctly. “I pray the judge dismiss this case”. :stuck_out_tongue:


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