Army Sgt. Admits Taking $1.4M in Bribes

Army Sgt. Admits Taking $1.4M in Bribes

April 22, 2010
Agence France-Presse
A U.S. Army sergeant who oversaw dining facilities at two military bases in Kuwait pleaded guilty Wednesday to accepting $1.4 million in “illegal gratuities” from private contractors.

Ray Scott Chase, 42, also pleaded guilty in an appearance before an Illinois court to hiding the money upon his return to the United States and lying to federal investigators in 2007, Illinois prosecutors said.

In a statement, the Justice Department said Chase “supervised the food procurement, preparation and service operations at Camp Doha and Camp Arifjan” in Kuwait in 2002 and 2003.

He “also coordinated orders for certain blanket purchase agreements the U.S. Army had with various private contractors to provide supplies to services to both of those dining facilities,” the department added.

In a statement, the Justice Department said Chase admitted receiving approximately $1.4 million from contractors that included Tamimi Global Company Limited, LaNouvelle General Trading and Contracting Corporation, and another unnamed company.

Prosecutors did not specify what Chase provided in return for the money.

He will be sentenced Aug. 6 and faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. He has also agreed to forfeit all assets related to the money he received in bribes.

This is a disgrace to the Non Commissioned Officer Corps and the United States he needs to be thrown under the jail—Stan.

This case is nothing comparing to a dozen of other fraud cases committed by E-1 to O-6. The biggest case was by an Army O-4. He scammed Uncle Sam out of $14 million. As a reservist officer, it makes me sick.

My first tour in Korea we were six miles from the DMZ had a small PX but it was filled with stoves, refrigerators, floor model TV’s, stereo’s etc… To buy this stuff you had to be command sponsored we are so close to the DMZ nobody is command sponsored heck you had to have written permission from the CO just to buy an iron because of the black market.

[FONT=Arial]Go to the supply room and there sits an E-7 sitting at his desk on the wall in back of him is stenciled “THE GODFATHER” I still have the yearbook from that unit and there is a photo he sitting at his desk the CO is standing next to him the caption below the photo reads, “Partners in more than one way” it was a standing joke because everyone knew those two were black marketing their butts off.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Every couple of weeks the Headquarters Troop supply truck 2½ ton was backup in back of the PX getting loaded heck I was a buck private back then I didn’t know what to do. The CO ended up getting fired for this and they shipped him out, the Supply Sergeant never got caught he was too smart. [/FONT]

This is totally disgusting.

My husband , being in the military during Vietnam, reads many books on the war. The black market was very big.

Here the USA is sending socks, underwear, shoes over for the men and they are being sold on the black market while the grunts’ shoes are falling off their feet as they go into battle.

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