Army vet and wife consider divorce to afford daughter's health care



Would be curious if the husband would qualify for medical care through the Veterans Administration for his family. A question that needs to be asked.


Something does not add up, but, it IS “The Post”


Are there really health care plans where the out of pocket max for only one person is $15,000?


This is not a terribly unusual situation, though for young couples it is. Older people often get divorced due to the cost of nursing home care. Few can afford it, and if the “at home” spouse’s assets in a “split” exceed the cap, he/she has to spend it down; something “live togethers” don’t have to do.

VA will pay for the veteran’s nursing home care in a VA home, but not the spouse’s.


Amplifying my earlier post, if this man is a veteran, how many years did he serve on active duty. There are provisions in the acceptance policies of the VA for those who served less than 20 to be afforded care by the VA. again, a question that needs to be answered.


Not all veterans are retired or combat injured and therefore services available to family members are limited or nonexistent. Even for retired, services have limitations. I know too many families where marriage actually harms instead of helps. It is a travesty and truly unjust. So sad. Praying for them and others in their situation.


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