Army veteran banned from daughter’s school after posting picture of weapons permit, report says

Tanya Mount says she was approached by a police officer from the Richmond County Board of Education at McBean Elementary School and was warned that she was about to get a criminal trespass warning. asked Janina Dallas, the school’s principal, if the “no trespass order” was issued over the post, and Dallas responded: “Yes, it was.”

“It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students,” Dallas told

Dallas confirmed to WJBF-TV that Mount was banned from the school due to the Facebook post.

“It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all of our faculty, staff and students,” Dallas said.

Dallas cited recent school shootings as why she was alarmed to Mount posting her weapons permit on Facebook.

I’m puzzled. What’s the point of carrying a concealed weapon if you’re going to reveal that fact to the world?! Just sayin’…:wink:

Another FB post backfires :rolleyes:

Very few people “in real life” know that I have a permit.

But it isn’t that it is a secret. It just isn’t a topic of conversation.

Why shouldn’t your friends know that you have a permit?

Who cares about why she posted her permit? How does a school have the right to ban her from campus IF the permit was legally obtained?

Good thing that principal is in Georgia. If she is scared because this mom posted a photo of her permit, she would be a quivering blob here in Texas where a large percentage of people have concealed carry permits.



The whole thing is stupid. First off I certainly wouldn’t be posting my CCW on Facebook. The school is completely wrong in banning her though. You can’t ban parents just because they exercise their legal rights.

“There have been a number of school shootings in our country,” Dallas told WJBF. “And inevitably, people will say they saw signs and things of that nature after the fact.”

Is he kidding? And does he really have nothing better to do than monitor students parents Facebook pages?

just another reason to have your Facebook page on lockdown to non-friends.

I’m just guessing here, but if the license is to carry a concealed weapon, that means she could be carrying her concealed gun into the school and who would know, and who knows what she might do with it? I’m not saying everyone who carries a concealed weapon is potentially dangerous, but you can’t tell by looking. Granted there may be other parents who also carry concealed, but they didn’t broadcast that information.

Nope, not in Georgia. Even with a permit, one is not allowed to carry into a school or even on school grounds.

You sure seem to be implying that, because you are casting suspicion on her just because she has a permit

I am waiting for my Concealed Pistol Permit, it should be coming any day now. I will NOT be posting this on FB, believe you me. It’s just dumb and exhibitionist.

Posting it on Facebook would make you question her sound judgement. Hence, would she feel it is her right to carry it onto school grounds. No guns at school !

I don’t remember too many of the mass shootings at school (or anywhere else) being undertaken by vets with/or without concealed carry permits.

I don’t mean to cast suspicion on her, just wondering out loud if that was the school’s reasoning.

Not following your logic here.

Are you really saying that since she posted her permit on facebook, she will not follow the law about not carrying on school property?

Posting a concealed weapons permit on Facebook is dumb exhibitionist behavior that calls good judgment into question. So, I’m actually with the school on this one, and I’m a conservative and a veteran myself.

Not an acceptable response from the principal, who should have called her first, before calling the police.

The officer told her that the principal at the school was “scared” of her and did not want her on the school property, she told the station.

If I was scared of her I would have called the police too.

Friends are one thing, but posting on Facebook? I guess her account access could have been restricted to friends only…

Maybe you have people that can see your account that aren’t friends. I don’t.

All that had to happen is for a friend to have it up on their computer, and for someone else to walk by.

Principal sees it. Freaks. And calls the police.

It seems like people think that putting it on facebook is the same as posting it on the news.

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