Aromas in prayer?

Hi. I have an odd question. First off I have to share my experience. Today I set up a Lenten shrine in my bedroom and was just about to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. But before I got on my knees, the aroma of vanilla filled my room and I stood there sniffing and it wouldn’t go away! IT didn’t go away until I finally got on my knees to pray. Is it possible to smell heavenly aromas??? If so, what does it mean???

Thank you for your Answers! :slight_smile:

There certainly are heavenly smells; and God may give you the grace to experience them with your human nose!:slight_smile:

Google the “odor of sanctity.”

That said, our nose is closest to our conscious mind of all our special senses; and as such, is subject to our imagination.

So don’t expect that what you smell in prayer necessarily has a serious meaning; but enjoy following your nose!


I have had sweet and floral smells surround me when I pray, it is lovely isn’t it :slight_smile:

I once smelled incense.

It could be supernatural, but don’t give it too much thought.

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