Is being aroused a sin? I am getting better at stopping lustful thoughts but i feel mentally and emotionally exhausted from trying to stop feeling aroused. Should i avoid the guy as much as possible? Just seeing him smile or hearing his voice sometimes makes me feel mushy.

"Is being aroused a sin?"

God, I hope not, or else I have Sinned 10000 times thinking about my Wife (and occasionally by a beautiful actress, for a few seconds).

Feelings are just Feelings.

If something that happens makes you feel Sick to your Stomach, that is just the way it is.
If thinking about a person excites your insides a little bit, then that is the way THAT is.
It is just a short-lived Emotion, that comes … and goes.

Everything in Moderation.

On the other hand, if you spend 2 hours a day (or 8 hours every day) being excited by this guy, then that is a different issue … Obsession.
Obsession is not a profitable way to spend your time.

"Should I avoid the guy as much as possible? Just seeing him smile or hearing his voice sometimes makes me feel mushy."
Some times, when you see him it makes you feel “mushy.”
This suggests that oftentimes this reaction does not occur.

But, either way, unless you are forced to see this guy MANY times every day (AND as long as that Mushy feeling only lasts a short time) … it doesn’t sound like much of a Problem.
This is especially True since you stopped feeling “lustful” about him.
To me this sounds like you are making REAL progress.
And, that is what Life is ALL about … progress to Sin less often, and less strongly.
Remember, God cares about you doing better as the years go on : Progress, not Perfection.

And, besides that, there will come a day (probably soon) that you will stop being inspired so much by him.
If nothing else, you will feel like that toward another guy.

Just don’t entertain the thought and you’ll be fine

I don’t think being aroused is a sin, it’s what you do with that emotion. If you are a single person you don’t want to indulge it and commit a mortal sin. Pray very fervently to our Lord and ask for help. Pray to the Saints, especially the Blessed Mother. The feeling will pass.

May the Lord richly bless you this Lenten Season. :slight_smile:

Sexuality is a gift from God, and it’s up to us to use it responsibly. It’s good to recognize these feelings and to see the difference between them and love so that when you are in love with someone AND aroused, you can tell them how you feel and get married.

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