Arrested Development

I used to be in love with this show.

However, I find some content morally objectionable. One night stands, sexual references, and one of the character’s girlfriend is Christian and is portrayed as bland, tasteless, and very eccentric.

I find that many different shows that others seem to find perfectly enjoyable, such as Futurama and The Big Bang Theory, become shows I first become a fan of, but watch less often.

If I feel a certain way, should I keep going with it?
I find myself limiting what I watch a lot.

This is a very interesting question.

On the one hand, if you like a show and your morally strong yourself, you can watch it without being affected by the rubbish it may sputter out. I watch Arrested Development myself; I have all the DVDs and I can’t wait for the movie to come out. I laugh at George Michael’s girlfriend’s weird family; remember the Christmas episode? I guess I might be more offended if they made fun of Catholics in particular, and I did feel that way when they had that priest protesting the right to marry. But for the most part, I can look at the show and recognise it’s satirical, so it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

On the other hand, television is a powerful medium that controls the public’s mind. People who don’t know any better would watch it and presume that all serious Christians are nuts like George Michael’s girlfriend. If we go with that, then it feels very wrong to support the show. Watching it on TV (thus seeing its sponsors’ commercials) and buying DVDs of it pays these writers and producers who assault Christians.

I didn’t answer your question and I don’t think I can; my conclusion isn’t any better than anyone else’s, but I thought I’d throw those two things into the debate. Interesting debate we can have with this.

As for me, I still watch Arrested Development. It doesn’t get me mad the same way that stupid Sister Mary Explains It All movie does (don’t bother watching that, it’s purely an offensive, anti-Catholic piece of rubbish that only tries to mock, not provoking constructive debate).

Actually you sound much like me. I find less and less on TV to watch.
Anymore it’s limited to HGTV, old movies on TCM or maybe on Hallmark Channel, documentaries, occasional sprots such as the Golf Channel, and EWTN.
And even at that, gets ticky sometimes. Some of the programs on HGTV will have homeowners who are obviously in homosexual relationships and, while I like the shows themselves, I have a hard time watching these particular episodes.

I have stopped looking at ANY newer comedies, or dramas on ANY of the networks. It is just garbage.

I think that we need to be even more careful today not to watch this garbage, because I am sure that the networks are getting feedback through cable and satellite boxes as to what we are watching. So, besides the danger to our souls in not rejecting such drivvel, we are encouraging more of it by upping their ratings.


Is there a thread for Big Bang Theory [the television program]?

I love this show! It’s hilarious.

More to the point, as people have observed, it’s satire. Nobody gets out of the show without getting made fun of. Nor is it vicious humor. The Veals are a little batty - everyone is a little batty - but there’s also a bit of fondness there. I think for that reason among others it’s a delicately crafted and witty show that actually speaks to us as Christians living in a world with each other and people with other values. (I think, in fact, its subtlety is what got it cancelled. You know they always pull the good stuff, sigh…) Michael Bluth sleeps around, but he’s kind of a mixed-up guy. His family goads him into sleeping with other women, but nothing ever works out for him, either, and there may be a message in that, actually.

I think as long as you’re not tempted to sin by the show, you’re fine. If you can see the Veals and see the satire instead of thinking “I’m embarrassed to be Christian now” or watch the romantic life of the characters without thinking that it would be something good for you to try, you’ll be fine.

I used to LOVE the simpsons and futurama, but I stopped watching the simpsons in college, and futurama is boring. Matt Groening is getting more and more anti-religious and bitter, and it’s coming out in his shows, especially futurama.

surprise! he’s an ex catholic!

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