Speaking with a self confessed “expert” on the bible. He Claims that the word arsenokoitai. Includes everything but homosexuality. This is what he says after i used Timothy 1:10 as evidence of the NT being against homosexuality

After the Fall, things went awry. What was crystal clear became murky, man’s intelligence was obscured. Where was once order and harmony, there was now disorder and chaos. Some are relatively spared from the aftermath of the Fall, meaning they’re not plagued with mental problems, addictions etc., others have been hard-hit by it. The original master plan was to have man feel attraction for the opposite sex and if the attraction was reciprocated, marriage would ensue, which is where procreation, being fruitful, fill the Earth, multiply, can occur with God’s full blessings. Now the Fall made sin enter the world, some have been hit in their sexual orientation ,sadly, which means that their sexual orientation is dis-ordered, meaning it’s not ordered toward the end that God had in mind from “day 1”. Someone is not any more responsible for his sexual orientation than I am for my sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT), I wish every single day that I was not plagued by it, but every day I wake up to the same old slow me. Problem with homosexuality is when you go from mere homosexual attraction to acting on your attraction. Do I think it’s a crushingly heavy cross to bear? Yep. Do I thinking twisting the Scriptures will somehow make homosexuality not a disorder and homosexual acts not a sin? Nope. God’s answer is no.

The Greek scholars can give you a proper answer but the interlinear Greek NT for 1 Tim 1:10 shows the word “arsenokoitai” means sodomites. That hardly means everything except homosexual. Seems pretty specific to me.

Don’t know Greek and so I could be wrong but “arseno” seems to refer to just male human beings and “koitai” in context seems to refers to those who engage in sexual intercourse (coitus). So, the word “arsenokoitai” seems to refer to male human beings who engage in sexual intercourse with other male human beings.

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