Arson arrest of boy, 15, as dogs killed in Manchester kennels fire


the dogs home in Manchester England has been burned down in an arson attack , 43 dogs lost there lives in this horrible attack ,a 15 year old boy has been arrested for this arson, he plainly needs prayers to help him see this is not how to live a happy life, may someone guide this young man so he can repent and go on to live a pure happy life, he will be punished in court but needs help to make him realise the evil thing he has done




Unfortuantley, it’s been noted that those that harm animals are at a huge risk to harm people. May God grant justice and safety to those around him. May he be given appropriate treatment to prevent further such tragedy.



I am not far from where this happened. It’s very sad that this child has acted in such a dangerous way. He will need help.

Prayers offered.


May God have mercy. Without help this young man is a danger to everyone.


Over 50 dogs died and many more were injured. It’s a very sad incident, but some local people were incredibly brave and went into the burning building to rescue some dogs.

A JustGiving page was set up today by the main Manchester newspaper and over £1,000,000 has been raised in just one day, with many other people bringing supplies and food for the other dogs.

A big building supplies company has offered materials to rebuild the dogs’ home. All you can say is that what comes from this will be something new and modern for many stray and unwanted dogs in the Northwest of England.


Good news!


Wow. This is so incredibly sad. :frowning:

That said, it is true that kids who abuse animals are at a greater risk of being a danger to people in the future. There will clearly need to be some form of intervention for this boy.


Were these kennels specifically for stray dogs?
I am happy the firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading further and over a hundred dogs were saved. It is so sad to hear about dogs in kennels or horses in barns and there are fires and they have no way to escape!

Why would this teenager want to do anything so cruel?
Please keep us updated.


Id like some time alone with this kid!!! But I know that is not the answer, so I guess I will have to take comfort in knowing once this kid hits the jail or prison, his life will be a living hell for as long as he is there…that makes me feel good on the inside!



Here is an update for you :

I’d say it was the two guys who jumped the fence and started to rescue the dogs that are the heroes!

Yes it’s a home for lost and abandoned dogs.

As for the teenagers motive, I don’t know.

But I am amazed how one act of evil can bring about thousands of acts of goodness, they have been overwhelmed with beds, food etc, and over a million pound has been raised. It costs over £100,000 a month to run the home.

People came from all over the country that night to help in anyway they could, the local church opened its hall for people to come together, support and help each other.

Thanks for your interest and prayers. :thumbsup:


With these “bad seed” types, it seems the only effective action to prevent further harm is lifetime confinement in a secure institution. They’re apparently missing some part of their humanity that just can’t be restored.


Bless those people who were quick thinking and went in and were able to save so many dogs. They are true heroes. It is so heartwarming to hear of the people who are donating food, blankets and dog beds, etc.
Many good people and they are even having a service for the dogs who died. Poor things. They will get good burials.


You should never wish evil on anyone, no matter how heinous the crime they commit. Instead, you should pray for them that they would be converted.

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