Art appreciation


A friend on the forum has been bugging me to post some of my artwork, so here’s one of my watercolors.

If anyone else does any kind of art, I’d sure like to see it.


That is really good. I always wished I had
artistic talent.


I post my cartoons over in the cartoon thread, but I wouldn’t call them art! Crude art, maybe :thinking:

That’s a beautiful painting, Tad!


That’s lovely


Well Tad, I would love to have it hanging on my wall!


I painted this just yesterday.


I like your attention with detail and your work with light.

Amazing you painted this in one day! :wink:

Definitely a museum piece. Congratulations!


That’s very nice!


Outstanding, as usual, Johannes.


Man…I have no words…what talent!

Absolutely stunning!

The colors work so well together…nice and soft and layered…


wow…such wonderful creative talent here…that is unreal…what a gift!

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