Art Bell becoming Roman Catholic?


Any comments on Art Bell’s announcement some weeks ago that he will become Roman Catholic sometime in the next several months? Those who listen to his weekend radio show may be aware that his wife died some time ago and Art has remarried to a very Catholic Filipina woman. Apparently she has prevailed upon him to begin RCIA and to explore what he needs to do to become a Catholic. Since Art is so intensely private, I don’t look for him to be telling his story on EWTN; also, I am not so certain how much of this represents a genuine spiritual search. He seems in so many ways to be out-of-sync with Catholic sensibilities. We will have to see . . . .


Art Bell is a riot!


Once Rush Limbaugh said something about Art Bell including “he is a very kind man”.


The aliens must have abducted him and made him turn Catholic! :whacky: I’ll believe it if he stops the alien abduction, astral projection, Bigfoot sightings, etc. on his program. If no change in the program, then no change in the man.


I hope he doesn’t start talking about the Virgin Mary in pieces of toast. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s done news blurbs on these kinds of things but I don’t think he’s taken them seriously. I’m not certain, for that matter, how much of the stuff on his show he personally takes seriously. This is his JOB after all, to make the guests he has on seem interesting to the niche of listeners he is serving. As I say, my sense of things is that Art is converting mainly to please his wife and it’s hard to guess from his radio persona just how seriously he is really involved in a personal search in this whole thing. Please do note that the conversion announcement is NOT a rumor: Art has said this much with his own lips, on his own program, shortly after he finally returned to the airwaves after his move to the Philippine Islands.

For those not regular fans of the show: Art Bell has had a radio talk show for several decades dealing with conspiracy theories, ‘weird science’ and tabloidesque sorts of topics such as ghosts, the occult, UFO’s, reports of arcane bestiary such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, etcetera. Art retired several times; but has been repeatedly lured back, largely because it was very difficult to find someone who could manage the sort of topics Art dealt with in quite the same inimitable way that Art has managed over the years. He now works only part-time, on Saturdays and Sundays. George Noory has managed the show on regular weeknights for at least the last couple of years, and appears to have found his own audience. The show has taken a turn under Noory towards airing more shows of a more serious scientific nature, though it continues to do the more arcane sorts of topics as well.

Art lost his first wife, a woman of Filipina descent, to asthma about a year ago, and within a few months had remarried. His second wife is fully Filipina and did not want to reside outside of the Philippines so Art moved to those islands to be with her. Because Art has an intensely loyal fan base, the company he serves went to great lengths to make arrangements to allow him to broadcast from Manila. This meant an interlude of several months while equipment was set up and legalities worked out with the Philippine government. It was probably August or September before Art was back on the air, and probably a month after that when he announced briefly that his wife and he were seeking a priest to begin to instruct Art with an eye to his joining the RCC.

What the other posters are taking note of is that a great deal of what Art (and by extension, George Noory) is not entirely compatible with the faith of a devout Christian. I would note that Fr. Malachi Martin was featured any number of times on Art’s broadcast, and that other Christian ministers (Hal Lindsay comes to mind) and even Catholic exorcists, have been on the broadcast. Normally, however, the content of the show would not be especially edifying and might even be seen as lending a platform to some very anti-Chrstian world-views.


By the way, Malachi Martin was a former Jesuit. He was laicized and dispensed from his vows by Paul VI. So he should not have been on the show still claiming to be an active priest in the ministry. Hal Lindsay started that whole “rapture” idead that influenced the “Left Behind” series. Neither one of these men are good influences on Catholic Christian belief.


Here we go :stuck_out_tongue:


Art Bell’s wife who passed away was also Catholic. I love Malachi Martin.


Laicized sure, but he’s still a priest. That doesn’t wash away.


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