Art Bell's Wife Denied U.S. Visa

Wow…talk about gross incompetance and bumbling by US Immigration—especially when Bell and his wife tried to work within the system legally and did everything the government asked them to do.

He should have just smuggled her over the Mexican border. Maybe she could have gotten a free ride like all the rest of the illegals:

I have absolutely no doubt that dealing with US Immigration can be a nightmare experience. Like Art Bell, I married a Filipina. And I remember the long lines and the rude clerks all too clearly - they made me very angry. Can you imagine what the experience must be like for non-US citizens?

I hope Art Bell and his wife are able to get things straightened out soon. And I hope they remember the experience, and advocate for those who are applying for US residency and citizenship.

I love Art Bell and all the AM Coast to Coast hosts. Their show topics some of which I enjoy with tongue firmly placed in cheek would upset the powers that be. And in true conspirital fashion it would not surprise me if they keep him jumping through the proverbial hoops to come up naught at the end of all his beauraucratic gymnastics. I’m afraid that Bell may have to consider himself an expat. But again it is more than likely lazy government employees with no sense of customer service. That is until she shows up on some watch list and him as a dissident to Caesar of the New Rome. Again tongue in cheek.:tsktsk:


when i lived in the city, i loved to listen to coast to coast. i know there is a different host now and not sure if art does a show every now and then.

i always thought the death of his previous wife was a little suspicious.

it seemed that he had rushed into this marriage.

anyhow, i can’t believe his daughter is already 3. i didn’t realize she had been born in Nevada.

i thought it sounded a bad idea moving to the Phillipines.

sounds like the immigration officials are typical government employees - bungling paperwork. if they are anything like the IRS - it will take awhile to get this all worked out.
hope they can get it all figured out.

I disagree. Even if he showed up on a watch list you’re giving these parasites in government too much credit. I believe a visa renewal was sent to one of the terrorists that flew a plane into the world trade center.

I think this is another one of those cases where the old adage applies, “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity”.

And when it comes to government beaurocracies, they don’t get much stupider.

Anyway, doesn’t this story just give you loads of hope for the day when Obama has all of our medical records being managed by people who are just like the people in Immigration? :smiley:

I have a real problem understanding why people can’t see the disaster coming. I deal with many federal departments Customs, FDA, TSA, DOT. They are the most arrogant, unmotivated and unreasonable people.

We need much less of this and more liberty.

This is indeed a horrible story.

My husband and I just went through this very same phase of his immigration process with the USCIS. We received his 10 year green card letter in two months with no questions asked. Every single person we encountered over the past five years through this journey has been nothing less than helpful, polite, and efficient.

Slamming the ENTIRE immigration system and everyone in it is totally out of line. Yes - this is a horrible situation they are in, and these do arise from time to time. That is not making excuses for those who messed this up, only to say that this is the exception and not the rule.

It will be straightened out, but in the mean time it is a truly desperate situation for this family and I feel for them. It could have just as well been us.

But please folks - don’t condemn the entire system because some people can’t do their jobs. There are thousands and thousands of people, like my husband, who enter the country legally, and with no issues or delays. There ARE good people there helping make that happen - THEY need help to fix the very broken system they are forced to work within.

I hope the Bell’s get some help soon, it sounds like they are doing the right things to make that happen.

(On a side note - we would have never EVER left the country for ANY reason in the middle of this part of the process. That was not a smart thing to do, regardless of what they were told. You just never know what’s going to happen between leaving and trying to come back.)


They can’t see it because they’ve never had to deal with it, so they think it doesn’t exist.

They’re in for a real big surprise.

Wait! Let me guess…they are underfunded?? Government never admits it fails or can’t do something efficiently, they always fall back on being underfunded and throwing money at it will help.

Yes, there are people within the system that are hard working and do the right thing with a good work ethic. Unfortunately finding workers like these in the government are the exception and hardly the rule.

My wife went through the immigration process, and this has been our experience too.

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