Art for Epiphany


The Adoration of the Magi is a 1619 Baroque painting by the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez now held in the Museo del Prado .

“We Three Kings of Orient Are” was composed in 1857 by John Henry Hopkins , an American Episcopal priest, as a Christmas gift for his nieces and nephews

A Sonnet for Epiphany by Malcom Guite

It might have been just someone else’s story,
Some chosen people get a special king.
We leave them to their own peculiar glory,
We don’t belong, it doesn’t mean a thing.
But when these three arrive they bring us with them,
Gentiles like us, their wisdom might be ours;
A steady step that finds an inner rhythm,
A pilgrim’s eye that sees beyond the stars.
They did not know his name but still they sought him,
They came from otherwhere but still they found;
In temples they found those who sold and bought him,
But in the filthy stable, hallowed ground.
Their courage gives our questing hearts a voice
To seek, to find, to worship, to rejoice.


Great post rob, thanks.

I like the painting, if I had my way I’d plaster my walls with paintings like that…not the originals of course!


Dear Rob,

Thanks for posting this thread for Epiphany,

The artwork is lovely; the Child is especially sweet and seems to resemble His Mother! Although Joseph is not mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel describing the Visit of the Magi, the artist depicts him there and his gaze is on Mary especially.

The music with the added artwork was lovely too. and the sonnet was worth pondering – especially these final lines:

“…Their courage gives our questing hearts a voice
To seek, to find, to worship, to rejoice.”

What a blessing to reflect on the beauty of Advent/Christmas/Epiphany ! Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Thanks , @MariaChristi .

I like these icons .




Dear Rob,

Thanks again! I first became acquainted with Icons in visiting “Madonna House” for a Christmas Retreat and having the great privilege of spending time in a “poustinia” while there. I prayed before an Icon of Our Lady and realized there really is a unique experience in going beyond the image to the reality. Some have called icons, “Windows into heaven”.

The founder of Madonna House was born in Russia and emigrated to Canada. She and Dorothy Day became friends and were much alike in their love for, and service of, the poor. Catherine Doherty who founded Madonna House with her husband Eddie Doherty, were both alive when I visited there, participating in Christmas Eve Mass and during that same visit experiencing the grace of 24 hours in the poustinia.

My husband and I recently purchased a beautiful Icon for our living room – of the Pentecost event with Mary seated in the midst of the apostles. It is such an important icon for us! At this time in the Catholic Church, especially, we need the Holy Spirit as perhaps never before, to work in us the powerful work we see in Mary our Mother and Model for the Church.

The icons you have posted are lovely and I thank you again for posting such beauty for all of us to reflect upon as we come to the end of the Octave of Epiphany and prepare to celebrate this Sunday’s Feast of the Baptism of Jesus! The Liturgical Year is such a help in our “asking, seeking and knocking on the door” to grow in Christ.

O Jesus, living in Mary,
Come and live in Thy servants,
In the spirit of Thy holiness,
In the fullness of Thy might,
In the truth of Thy virtues,
In the perfection of Thy ways,
In the communion of Thy mysteries.
Subdue every hostile power
In Thy spirit, for the glory of the Father.

Amen. (Prayer of Fr. Olier)

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