Art inspired by the Novus Ordo

I would pretty much agree with that.

I just noticed some of the pictures in this post became white squares…Here’s where I got them…(Check the stained glass windows [not too clear in these pictures, unfortunately]…At least that’s an upgrade from the original blue and yellow colored windows of the church.)

Here’s a sample stained-glass window depicting Our Lady…

I second that. Even those purported ‘apparitions’ of the Saints on sandwiches and railways at least have a discernible shape…

Like what?

Cheesy plaster statues very ill painted, garish colors, blond wood (it looks like they got their pews off Protestants who were moving), and really ugly fiddlebacks with matching maniples (I’ve seen ugly gothic polyester panchos, too, but this looked like they whipped it up out of someone’s table cloth). The stained glass wasn’t terrible, but I’ve seen better in small old Protestant country churches.You can get old vestments, etc., on ebay for a very good price, but wow, they must have shopped at “Ugly Ecclesiastical Appointments R’Us.”

Well thats surprising…usually SSPX Churches take their time to make sure the interior is very well done.

But what is MORE surprising is that you were actually in a SSPX chapel JKirk :stuck_out_tongue:

I assure you, I had gone to Mass to meet my obligation elsewhere.

Ah okay. It all makes sense now.

Still…it is surprising that you laid foot on such unholy ground.

Well, I wanted to see. You’re right though, aside from the Mass itself, it was at least heretical, the sermon, anyway.

Really now? How so?

I highly doubt they went Vatican bashing during the homily.

Assuming the Church wasnt founded the day you attended…Vatican bashing would get old to the regular crowd that attends weekly and its highly unlikely theyd make a homily on it.

The priest called the NO Mass an abomination, twice. That’s enough to anathematize oneself (according to Trent, but 'traditionalists" tend to forget those inconvenient traditions).

Hmn…I find the NO an abomination as well.

A valid abomination.

Which is by far much worse than an invalid abomination.

Since an invalid heretical ceremony wouldnt disrespect Our Lord.

But a valid one is a different story…

Anyway if youd like to respond thatd be okay…but I sense we might hijack the thread.

The fact that you’re willing to state it so baldly speaks for itself.

That JKirk is

…“subjective opinion”

Sound familiar :smiley:

You stated quite plainly that you regarded the Pauline Rite as an abomination. That’s not my subjective opinion, anyone can look back a couple of posts and verify it.

Really, they must be skipping over huge chunks of the curriculum in schools these days.

I agree Lily. Abstract art in Churches is not always my favorite but I believe this is often due to not really understanding it. I am not good at interpreting abstract art. :frowning: I find that St. Ignatius Church in Yotsuya that was shown was very intriguing. I would like to understand the windows.

Oh, what fun another slinging match :rolleyes:

Who’s winning?

The score is about 5 slings to 4, as to who’s winning - well it’s anyone’s guess really :smiley:

I’d love to see a thread on Art history in the church actually. I know an Art history major that is a member on here, I’d love to hear her take on things.

I dunno all this modern art can be quite post-modernistic/relativist. Its got this whole “it is whatever you want it to be” feel. Maybe some of this art is the cause of (or perhaps fruit of) the widespread dissent?

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