Art project for kids honoring Mary


any ideas?


Flower wreaths to crown a statue of Mary.

Could be done with real flowers or cut and sewn from cloth flowers, flowers made from paper mache or clay, beads, pipecleaners...


When I was a kid we made this project - don’t remember what we called it, but here goes. We would take shoe boxes, hat boxes, etc… and purchased the colored
cellophane that’s used for Easter baskets (stiffer than saran wrap, and will be half-price after Easter!). We would take a small statue of Mary and place inside, surrounded by artificial flowers. We’d decorate the outside of the box with plain paper. The cellophane went on the front of the box. It was really fun, and we would line these up on the window sill at our school. This was something I did about 50 years ago (oh my gosh!), but I still remember it. (I also had a two layer piece of wood lying around and also placed a statue on top and decorated with flowers.) We used supplies we had available; we didn’t go out and buy new boxes, flowers, etc…; we made do with what we had, and so the kids can perhaps come up with something else to put inside the box. I can still picture the projects I made! If this works out for you, would you let me know - I’d really be interested if this school tradition makes its way back! Happy Easter.


You made a Mary Grotto :)


Thanks - I knew there was a name for this! Brought back one of my fond memories at Catholic school - maybe around the third grade - more like 49 years ago!

We made these stained-glass effect windows for the Annunciation.


This site has some Marian crafts:


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any ideas?




[quote="leonie, post:1, topic:193212"]
any ideas?


Have you tried asking them to work on coloring pages around patriotic themes like the presidents, white house etc?



I bet they were precious…


Catholic Icing is another blog I found recently that has TONS of ideas!


I just made a gigantic edible rosary see- only to find that the above link has similar ones.


Thanks for the edible rosary idea! I was thinking of something special to make for my daughter's last day as "cookie girl" in Kindergarten and this will be perfect! Especially since it is May!

Now, to make 13 smaller edible rosaries or to make one big one... I guess I have to think on that!


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