Artemis of the Ephesians and Blessed Virgin Mary


Jesus: Word of God, Son of the Father, Son of Mary, Savior of the world, …

Your answer to the identity of the Mother of my Lord (Luke 1: 43) displays a dreadful poverty of understanding.


Translation: you ignored the argument I made and heaped on your anti-Catholic rhetoric. Have a nice day, my friend.


People may continue to add to this thread as much as they want, but as the OP I just want to say that my questions were answered to my satisfaction a long while back.

For whatever it’s worth, I believe that well-catechized Catholics do not treat Mary as a goddess. Us protestants sometimes have trouble differentiating between veneration and adoration, which may be part of why we misconstrue the relationship that Catholics have with her. It’s not intentional. It just happens. Just my opinion.

On a side note, on Sonrise Morning show the other day, a lady guest said something like this to differentiate between how Catholics and Protestants view Mary’s role. It went something like:

“A Protestant friend of Jesus walks into Mary’s home and says, “Hi Mrs J, how’s it going? I’m here to see Jesus. Is he here? Thanks, bye!” whereas a Catholic friend of Jesus knocks on the door to Mary’s house and allows her to make him cookies and help him with a personal problem and maybe a little homework before asking if he can go see Jesus.”

I thought that was an interesting analogy.


I agree, and I flagged it. It’s bad enough that doug p has essentially hijacked someone else’s thread into a different topic, when he could have easily made a second thread. Now he has added blatant disrespect for Catholic teaching and for a Catholic priest to his antics. This is against the TOS of the forum and is most unwelcome, disruptive, and rude.


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