Arthur Bellinzoni: introduction to biblical scholarship

Anybody familiar with Bellinzoni’s work? He seems like a well respected biblical scholar. He also seems to argue that Jesus’ resurrection is a myth, an invention of the early christians. This is in contrast to Brant Pitre’s Case for Jesus. Thanks.

If he’s arguing that point he’s probably in the “critical” group of scholars. My knowledge of biblical scholarship and the who’s who of the field is minimal at best however, so I’m hoping someone comes along with some insight.

These critical scholars like Ehrman or Bellinzoni can bring some confusion to the lay person. Pitre’s case is pretty strong I think. I just came across another book which I think is more technical: Matthew Ramage’s Jesus Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman and the Historic Truth of the Gospels.

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You need to be sure your faith and understanding are on solid ooting if you get into the critical crowd, from my experience.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone who has faith or is seeking to deepen their relationship with God would have any involvement whatsoever with someone whose purpose in life is to attack that faith.

This Arthur whoeverzoni, despite all the letters that may follow his name, is an ignoramus. For the sake of profit, and to assuage his ego, he has completely disregarded the mountain ranges of evidence, the litany of martyrs, eyewitnesses and early Church Fathers who, if alive, would call him a liar or a fool to his face.

This world hates faith and it hates Christ - read John 15.

“Biblical scholars” all too often in the modern sense, is a name for those who mistakenly think that, the further in time they are from an incident, they more they know about it. Think about that. They claim to know more than those who were there and wrote about it. For the sake of book sales, they contrive and perpetuate vacuous controversy.

Read Saint Augustine for a start. Bellinzoni sacrifices nothing - zero, zip, nada - to foist his self-made beliefs upon others. If you have his book, burn it - as that is the only illumination that you will receive from it.

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