Article About Anglican Nuns and Priest crossing the Tiber

I cam across this and found it interesting. A group of traditional Anglican Nuns are moving to Rome (looks like a nice convent) as is a Priest (going to become a Roman Catholic Priest).

There are links to get more details (eg Priest’s story).

Hope Marcus Grodi interviews them on EWTN’s “The Journey Home”. Takes a lot of courage. May God continue to bless them. I’m sure the two women who are remaining Anglican Nuns are having difficulty too so my praryers are also with them.

This article also mentions former Anglican Priest Fr. Steel swimming the tiber.

It also mentions the Rt. Reverend Dr. Steenson (former Episcopal Bishop) who swam the Tiber and is now a Catholic Priest (ordained in Rome).

So many are swimming the Tiber I hope there are sufficient lifeguards.:smiley:

Speaking of Anglicans…has anyone watched THE TUDORS? The first and second seasons of the program deals with how and why the Anglican Church was established. Goes into a lot of detail especially on everything that was going on in the world at that time.

If Henry VIII had followed God’s way instead of his own, England wouldn’t have suffered and been divided. The actor playing Thomas Moore gives his reasoning as to why a king cannot be the head of the church. Once he had total control of the secular and the religious, he couldn’t be stopped and could change anything on his whim.

Makes one think of our country today.

Fr. Steenson would make an excellent guest. Former Anglican Bishop with a doctorate in Patristics from Oxford. What a thought. He looks happy in the links above and sounds happy. I guess he is home at last.

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