Article: Born After Her Mother Was Raped, Woman Battles for the Lives of Other Such Children, Not Yet Born


A great and inspiring article. Feminists and others still have a problem with the question of whether or not a preteen who has been violently attacked and raped, should be required to suffer through the pain, the humiliation and the many other costs of preteen pregnancy.

What an amazing testimony to life.


While everyone feels the pain of the young person who has been assaulted, it is good that many people also increasingly understand that the baby is a victim too, and not a disposable one. I think, increasingly, people understand that the worth of the baby’s life is not determined by the means of his conception.

May God bless her. The reason to “Choose Life”.

Or they could kill the baby which has far worse consequences that last a lifetime, and even maybe into Eternity. God Bless, Memaw

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