(ARTICLE) BRING kids to Mass even if they are YOUNG



Jesus said, Let the children come to me. Start bringing them when they are 4 or 5. Sit in the front and let them see what is going on. Teach the child to be reverent. Have snacks for rewards and allow some activities. Coloring books etc. During the concretion get them to watch. Insist that they behave. Every Sunday it will get easier with time. People who say the mass is boring don’t have a clue about what is happening.


There was this little girl - cute as could be - summer dress -
About 6 years old - blonde hair - like Sherly Temple -
Standing on the wooden pew in front of me -
Facing me - not the Priest - singing a hymn song -
when no one else was singing -
And the sun was shining through the stainglass window on us -
It was thee most angelic thing !
Her dad was a very tough guy blue collar guy -
He just let her be -


I agree Theo except I would bring them from the beginning. All children can learn appropriate behavior during Mass. They don’t have to be perfect silent statues, they can be kids, but all can learn to not be disruptive during the Mass.

I don’t think parents of the disruptive children really understand how disrespectful it is others at Mass when their child is out of control. I’m not talk about the occasional 3 second outburst, but the ongoing disruption when the parents doing nothing.

I come to Mass for Jesus. My focus is on the Liturgy. I’m sure most of the other parishioners attend for the same reason.


I was taken to Mass from an early age. I was baptized at 17 days of age and that was not the first time I was taken to church.


Every family, and every kid, is different, but we’ve taken our kids just about every Sunday (excepting days when they were ill) of their lives (they are now 9 and 7). There has always been something to teach them, or learn from them, at mass.


IDK…I think that can be a little easier said than done. I don’t think I’ve been to Mass since Christmas…our youngest (about 2) just can’t sit still. I spent 99% of the Mass in the gathering space and was averaging about 3K steps per service. It was to the point where we both said it’s just too much of a hassle to bring him since we won’t be at Mass anyway. I wish the church had a cry room to utilize.


So you essentially allowed your 2 year old to train you in the behavior he/she wants during Mass. It’s not about making a child of 2 sit still every minute, that would be impossible. It’s about giving the 2 year old boundaries and setting appropriate 2 year old consequences for violating it.

If your family goes to a restaurant for dinner, do you have to take the 2 year old out to pace the foyer because he/she won’t sit still? If an older sibling was in a school play would you allow the same behavior? It’s not as though a 2 year old can’t be taught, they’re taught all the time what acceptable behavior is. Use the same techniques for teaching them how to behave in Mass. Give them a small space to wiggle in, like between mom & dad. Give them a cloth book to “read”, or another quiet toy.

It does take work, but not as much work as it is to try to acclimate them at 3 or 4 or 5…


LOL…no. I don’t know of many 14-20 month old kids that are sitting through mass. He (much like his oldest brother) struggle with sitting still. At his age he’s going to fight us tooth and nail to be up walking around rather than forced to be sitting in a pew. If there was a place for parents with young kids I’d utilize that area.

No, because like food and color crayons and stuff…we’ve have had the occasional walk while waiting for food that’s taking longer than normal.

TBH, I doubt that we would take him, but it would depend on the setting. Last sibling “play” we took him too lasted about 30 min and that was about 20 min too long for him. Luckly enough it was in a gym where he had room to move.

Maybe…this is our 3rd kid so we’ve been around the block on the parenting thing. At his age and his insistence on walking, he’s just going to be up and I’m not going to spend the entire time walking in and out with a 20 month old kid. Right now, for us, it’s just much easier for the two of us to not go ¯_(ツ)_/¯. If we decide to go back to Mass at the church down the street, we may start bringing him with this year while the whether is still nice.


I do know of plenty of children within that age range who are brought to Mass and do not disrupt those around them.


Yep…so every kid is different. My oldest was fine, #2 and #3 not so much.


I’m the oldest of 3 children. My parents ALWAYS sat in between us. We sat like this:

Me, Dad, my sister, Mom, my brother (when he wasn’t serving at the altar)

They kept us apart in order to make us behave in church.


Sounds about the same as us…and every other family w/ kids. :wink:


You would think it is more work to acclimate them at five, but we didn’t find that to be true.

Our twins were taught, however, that adults have an obligation to attend Mass that they would have when they were older. Coming to Mass was presented as having advanced in maturity, with the expectations and the privileges that come with it…that is, older children have more obligations than younger ones, but also get to do things that younger ones are too little to do. Our children are in college and attend both Sundays and many weekdays on their own steam.


This works brilliantly for the first three. It gets a little dicey after that.


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