Article: Can your laundry room become a sacred space?



“‘One day she (Hendy) was inspired to take a crucifix in her laundry room,’ said Folan. She added pictures of Mary including one of her happily hanging laundry while a haloed baby Jesus played at her feet. Hendy kept adding to the walls of the laundry room until it became her favorite place in the house."
“‘Lisa said it became a place where she could offer the sacrifice of doing the laundry to Jesus, unite with his sufferings and be in a place with silence and solitude and conversation with God,’ Folan said."


“Don’t think that if you had a great deal of time you would spend more of it in prayer. Get rid of that idea. God gives more in a moment than in a long period of time, for his actions are not measured by time at all. Know that even when you are in the kitchen, our Lord is moving among the pots and pans.”

I love this quote from the article. Lovely what a wonderful idea: :point_down:

I’d love to find that picture of Mary hanging up the laundry with Jesus at her feet. I’m going to be looking for it!


Here’s one: :heart:



Awwwww!!! :smiley:

So cute


I have that in my laundry room. I gave it to my Grandma but I have it.

It reminds me of something I read in Holiness for Housewives and practicing the presence of God. ( I’ve never been a housewife but I was able to apply it to my life.


There is a holy water font in my laundry room and the Epiphany chalk blessing over the door. It is the most frequently used entry/exit of our home. …but I’m really just responding to the thread title and should read the article as I suspect I will like it.


Prayer is more about making time Sacred , rather then Space


Revelation 7:14

“[…] These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white […]”



Many times, religious use repetitive tasks like folding laundry and washing dishes as times for meditation. For every piece of clothing you fold or every dish you wash, you say a prayer and allow your mind to wander to God. When I was at the philosophy seminary, we had to do all our laundry by hand in the garage. When all the other brothers were away at school, I would do my laundry and it would be a quite time I would set aside for contemplation and meditation.


There’s one here , @ShowersofRoses , of God doing the laundry .


Don’t take Genesis literally :roll_eyes:


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