Article: Is the devil involved in the clergy abuse crisis? One expert thinks so


However he is not saying an abuser can use the excuse, “the Devil made me do it.” He’s not discounting the need for policy changes, reporting abuse to civil authorities, and concrete legal steps to protect victims.

But, he said, “if you want to look at the current crisis, you can’t just point to policies or a bad bishop here and there, of course all those things are true.”

Plus, he said, there is a spiritual infiltration going on with it.

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Demons don’t don’t just go around the place doing nothing they murder torture bring people to hell with them and most definitely are involved with the worst parts of society !

It goes without saying that this is true, but I suppose the book is an appeal to Catholics heavily influenced by secularism.

There is no valid or orthodox basis to not believe the devil is involved in this. If you pay any attention to the Holy Father he is constantly and explicitly going on about the devil because he realizes the decrease of awareness on the subject among his flock and the serious harm this causes.

Does it really matter if the devil is behind it or not? Whether it’s concupiscence, sensuality, or supernatural, the remedies aren’t that different.


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