Article on College Students - This will make you laugh and cry

For 30 years one professor kept a record of errors on papers and has written a book, “Ignorance is Blitz".

I laugh because some are so funny but then I cry when I wonder about the quality of education.

During The Middle Ages everyone was middle aged. Most people were kept busy sewing the crops. Surfs were dentured and bonded to the ground. In times of crisis they would seek refuse in the lord’s castle.”

“Romans persecuted Christians by lionizing them.”

What fun those professors at colleges and universities must’ve had correcting term papers and exam blue books with the likes of those (and more to come) — actual answers from actual “scholars” who somehow sometime somewhere had graduated from high or prep schools. Shall we get on with it?

“Infestations of gold in South Africa led to the Boar War between England and Denmark.”

“Philip II annoyed the Dutch by speaking to them in Spanish, a language he did not understand.”

“Sigmund Freud was a shrink who came up with sex reasoning. He said that if the mind says not to have sex and the will will not listen, then the mind will go crazy.”

“Alexander the Great conquered Persia, Egypt, and Japan. Sadly, he died with no hairs.”…

“St. Theresa was a carmelized nun” snicker :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear:o

“Alexander the Great conquered Persia, Egypt, and Japan. Sadly, he died with no hairs.”…

Thus proving bald guys rule!:smiley:


I say! Some of those we just brilliant!

This reminds me of my own college days. Once, on an essay test in history I wrote “William of Orange led the revolting Dutch forces.” The professor circled the sentence and wrote an annotation saying that I should watch my phraseology.

This is one I encountered on a student paper last year:

“The first Thanksgiving occurred after the Pilgrims were helped by the Indian leader Sasquatch.”


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