Article: On Why Some Bishops Say Gender Ideology Is Demonic


Gender ideology seeks to overthrow the way we were created; we ourselves become the creators, this article says…


I agree with the bishops. The gender ideology is a byproduct of a fallen world.


Gender ideology comes from the ego which is the false self we are implored by Scripture to die from, and it is the same place homosexuality comes from.


It’s really tough for me to decide how to think about this issue. In the OT the Jews were told to stone homosexuals, an abomination… But they were also supposed to stone women/men who were adulterers… Then Jesus comes and I get the feeling that he loves the sinner but not the sin. (Go and sin no more!) I don’t know how to deal with or think about this. I’m distressed that there is so much of it pushed in the faces of our kids on social media and television. I do believe it’s a perversion… And the WHOLE world has gone crazy with it…from Australia to Canada and most points around the globe. I’d like to protect the kids. But how, or the whole world shouts “homophobic!” I guess I’m not of this world…


Its all part of the deception, if we can be led astray on this issue, we can led away on other truths as well, sin is progressive, it will get worse.

Its one thing to love the sinner and not the sin, but something else entirely to comfort them and tell them their continued sin is OK and the rest of us just need to accept their sinful choices.


I agree with you but… it’s out there now and it’s everywhere, in the highest places and in the lowest places… but then so is adultry… I should be just as horrified by that. True?


Yes, adultry has been around for a long time, and not going away anytime soon, but the difference is, people that engage in it are not trying to publicly justify it and not trying to push everyone else to accept that its right or for them to be accommodated, so they can continue to partake in this sin.

However, given the state of our world, I would not be surprised if that changed down the road either, I could easily see folks trying to say, Hey, as long as I support my wife and kids, whats wrong with having a physical relationship with someone else on the side, marriage is not a big deal in our world, why should anyone else, especially the church tell me something I personally enjoy, is wrong.

There are no ‘adultry pride parades’ either, Its something people still like to keep hidden, most folks that do it do not even admit it to their closest friends, but mainly that is due to them wanting to avoid being caught, and that would result in divorce, loss of trust, alimony, child support for decades, etc. so its really not something they are embarrassed about, the concern is more about the inconvenience it would cause them.


Everyone know adultery is bad, but why is homosexuality considered good now?


Hello friend, I can answer that from personal experience. It’s very easy. I love my husband unconditionally. Love is good, God is love right? This is why. It’s sad when people refuse to even consider that my love is somehow impossible, and abomination, evil, or demonic.


Well I love my sister unconditionally, love is good, and God is love. But I don’t claim it to be right to “marry” her, join her in a union that not ordered towards a family. I love my female friends as well, doesn’t mean I should “marry” them. That is called friendship, not marriage. To call it “marriage” is disordered. It is not wrong to love. Marriage is much more than love.


Try substituting sex for love and you got it friend.


It’s amazing how Satan can take virtue to extremes and pervert it into vice. We see this with a lot of issues besides the “love” that homosexuals are pushing.


I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. :shrug:


Man / Woman love is different than man/man or woman/woman love.

Man / Woman love is ordered toward the creation of new life. Not so M/M or W/W. In the beginning man made man and woman, blessed (married) them, and told them to go forth and multiply. MM or WW makes a mockery of God’s plan. That’s always the devils plan, to take something holy and turn it upside down - or mock it.

Man / Woman love requires the communion of 2 similar but fundamentally different “persons.” Learning to love what is different (as a practice session for the more substantial Man/God relationship) versus “I love what is just like me.”

We do love you. As we love all God’s children. We show our love by trying to help you get to heaven.

Some groups will love you because of your sins. We love you in spite of your sins.


Hate the sin, love the sinner is a terrible phrase that isn’t in the Bible and the second part is seldom followed.

You are absolutely right, it is about making babies. This whole marrying for love thing is modernist drivel.

Interestingly according to Jesus the greatest love is laying down one’s life for one’s friend, furthermore Jesus clearly loved John, the beloved discipline, David and Jonathan loved each other with a “love that surpasses that of woman”, St. Gregory loved St. Basil which you can see if you read the entry in the Liturgy of the Hours. None of those were sexual relationships, that said this idolatry of marriage as the highest love is bad for society and theologically untenable.


I don’t refuse to consider that.


I was responding to the suggestion that homosexual love is equivalent to heterosexual love. It is not the same.

Of course, man/woman love is not at the top of the love hierarchy. But it is WAY above homosexual sexual love, which is at its root, love of self.


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