Article re: the TLM here in Arkansas

Check it out :slight_smile:

Great article. I really hope that if/when we finally get a Bishop, he will be warm to the TLM. I attend Mass at Christ the King on Sundays with my family but sneak away on Thursdays at noon for the Latin Mass at St. Pat’s. This way, I get my Latin “fix”. I have found that attending the Traditional Latin Mass has undeniably enriched my faith - I am slowly trying to get my family to come along as well. I have absolutely no intention of leaving CTK … it is a great parish with wonderful people. I am, though, planning on approaching the good Monsignor about the possibility of a TLM there. That may be difficult considering the size of the parish, the number of priests available, and the fact that generally all of the Masses are full (which is great!). These are exciting times for the Church … we just have to be patient and realize that we can’t expect the Church to turn on a dime. It will come.

That’s excellent! I live in MO, about 10 miles from the AR border. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get the TLM in our diocese any time soon, so I’m hoping a church in Harrison or Eureka Springs will have the TLM someday soon!

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